Anatomy of an Illness aka The Ego's Secret Weapon

Anatomy of an Illness aka The Ego's Secret Weapon

“A sick thought can devour the body’s flesh more than fever or consumption.” Guy De Maupassant, French Writer

Perhaps you have heard that the American Psychiatric Association came out with a manual for diagnosing mental illness It is called the Diagnostic and Statistics. Manual of Mental Disorders V (DSM-V), and you probably won’t be surprised to learn that there are a number of new “diseases” in this fifth edition.

The first DSM, which came out in 1952, listed 26 general disorders. Today, there are more than 400. This is not about debating whether we’re 16 more crazier today, but I have observed that illness (of all kinds) usually starts in the mind and goes from there.

Advertisers know this. In fact, Steven Pressfield, author of one of my favorite books (The Art of War), said that his boss at a Madison Avenue ad agency instructed him to invent a disease, because “then we can sell the hell out of its cure.”

According to a Course in Miracles, my main spiritual practice, our physical bodies are potent tools used by the ego for obscuring Truth, for hiding the body’s inherent natural healing power. Here is how it works:

You notice something is off

You begin focusing on it

You wonder what “it” might be (as opposed to knowing this Truth – that you are a child of the most high and cannot inherit illness).

You begin investing in it.

You give it a name.

You Google it. You start telling your friends about it and you join a support group.

Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard-trained neuroanatomist who studies the brain and became famous for her TED Talk, “My Stroke of Insight,” says that an unresisted thought passes through the brain in 90 seconds. That is, unless you decide to apply the above six steps.

Just saying…..

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