How to Move with and through Obstacles

How to Move with and through Obstacles

I love stories. Do you? This one is about dealing with obstacles in life. It is about a young martial arts student who was learning under the tutelage of a famous master.

One day, the master was watching a practice session in the courtyard. He realized that the presence of the other students was interfering with the young man’s attempts to perfect his technique. The master sensing the young man’s frustration, went up to him and tapped him the shoulder. “What’s the problem?” he inquired. “I don’t know,” replied the youth with a strained expression. “No matter how much I try, I am unable to execute the moves properly.”

“Before you can master technique, you must understand harmony. Come with me and I will explain,” stated the master. Thus, the teacher and student left the building and walked some distance into the woods until they came upon a stream. The master stood silently on the bank for several moments.

Then he spoke. “Look at the stream, he said. “There are rocks in its way. Does it slam into them out of frustration? It simply flows over and around them and moves on! Be like the water and you will know what harmony is.” The young man took his master’s advice to heart. Soon he was barely noticing the other students around him. Nothing could come in his way of executing the most perfect moves.

So, now the questions…. How are you dealing with the seeming obstacles in your life? Do you push against them, or do you flow around them? How might you apply this idea of harmony in your life?

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