Facing the Wind

Facing the Wind

Facing the Wind I recently read a wonderful story with deep meaning, and I want to share it. See what you think! Hans, a shepherd boy, was tending his father’s sheep as they grazed on the mountainside. At a certain time, he led the flock to the south side of the mountain to eat the last bit of grass before the snow came and covered it.

Quite suddenly a storm brewed from the north and Hans, knowing from experience the hazards of a blizzard, instantly called his dog to gather the sheep and move them quickly before they were trapped in the snow and ice. As an experienced shepherd, Hans did not ordinarily drive his sheep but led them. But on this day, the sheep were belligerent and would not follow him. He knew that to save the flock he must keep them moving into the wind for if the sheep faced away from the storm the wind would blow under their wool trapping snow and ice into their skin and they would freeze.

His only hope to protect the flock was to head into the wind. Thus, he called them, sent his dog to nip their heels, and forced them into the storm. Fortunately, the direction of the storm was also the way home. So, with their heads down and their eyes closed, the sheep crowded together and stumbled along.

Hans, in front, faced the driving snow as it beat against his face. He kept repeating to himself, “I must keep facing the wind. I must keep facing the wind,” as he moved step by step across the perilous terrain. As Hans led the sheep, he lost track of where he was or how far he had come. He ached with cold and fatigue but doggedly moved on. Then he looked up and saw his father and brother who had come in search of him, and he knew he and his flock were safe.

Later the family sat down to a hot meal. With tears glistening in his eyes, the father said, ‘My son, we were all frightened for you.’ Hans answered, ‘But I did only what you taught me, Father, I kept moving into the wind.’

I love this story as a metaphor for the time in which we live. Because there have been so many changes in every aspect of life, many people have given up, felt depressed or exhausted, and some lost the vision that we are being led to a new life. Yet, we are LED and we are SAFE. But in the offing we must face the wind of change and doggedly keep moving no matter what.

In what way might you recognize this scenario in your life and what is the wind (challenge) that you are facing? Can you keep going knowing that even though you are moving through a period of intense transformation, and you are not sure where you are in your journey, you are still on the mountain top (high place) and are still being guided by a loving shepherd?

Write down some thoughts that may have been generated by this story. Hold it in your heart and let it speak to you.

This story was inspired by J J Sessler

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