Truth Power: How to get in touch with YOURS!

Truth Power:  How to get in touch with YOURS!

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. Anais Nin

If you have ever fallen flat on your face or felt like a failure, you might want to remember this story because it involves a fellow who had the same experience and what he decided to do about it.

He was the pride of his wealthy parents who provided every advantage, including the best schools, a law degree and even introductions to prominent people. Yet, beyond that, it was up to him to prove his mettle by becoming a capable lawyer.

The problem was that this guy had a terrible time in the courtroom. He was easily overwhelmed, and unable to stand up to opposition. His shyness and fear brought him to a wretched state of suffering. Finally, he realized that there were people far worse off than he. That is when he began to turn himself around, for it was then that he realized he could help alleviate the distress of others and helping others spoke to him.

It was at this point, when he took his focus off his own miseries that he began developing a new philosophy called Truth Power. Through this philosophy, he was able to lead his native India to independence from the unfair treatments practiced under British law.

His name was Mohandas Gandhi, later to be known as Mahatma Gandhi (great man). In developing the philosophy of Truth Power, Gandhi incorporated the concepts he had learned as a child when his father had educated him in the importance of courage, generosity and unwavering adherence to the principles of morality and truth.

At the same time, his mother demonstrated gentleness, modesty, consideration, and the flexible strength that enables one to overcome through yielding. Both parents taught that if he wanted positive results, he must be positive, and that goodness, demonstrated persistently, triumphs over evil, even though it may seem to take time.

Gandhi claimed that Truth Power would overcome opponents by changing them with respectful patient persistence, transforming them, not annihilating them. Repeatedly, he was told it would not work. Again and again, despite overwhelming odds, it did.

In India, it led to democratic reforms: unification of political territories, the end of civil war, revival of home industries, emancipation of the untouchables from an unjust caste system, and freedom for the nation from British rule. What do you think could happen if everyone decided to incorporate the principles of Truth Power in their world? Are you willing to find out?

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