How to Shape-Shift to be Your Amazing Self

How to Shape-Shift to be Your Amazing Self

We live on multi levels and exist as multi layered beings. Example: I was raised by a very nervous, neurotic mother. To be fair, she was also loving, kind, and dedicated. Living with a neurotic parent was a daily challenge because she personified a philosophy I did not want. It was “the glass half empty philosophy.” Or, in her case, the glass was empty.

I realized early that I had no interest in living this fear-based belief system. At various times, I attempted to reason with her, debate her, instruct her, and ultimately rebel against her. There also were times when I asked myself, why am I with her? How did I come to have such a frantic, upset mother? It wasn’t until years later, after I had forgiven her and myself, that I realized that I AM HER. No, I didn’t fret and worry endlessly as she did, but I did possess the same critical, harpy egoic voice as hers. Mine was internal. Yikes!

This is where we get into the multi-levels and layers of consciousness. As I reflected back on my commitment to “not live her life,” I plunged forward with determination to create the mental construct I wanted to live. It went like this: I can do it and there is a way for it to work. I became unrelenting in my determination to find a way to live life according to that vision.

I sculpted the part of my personality that felt fear and I developed practices that expanded the energy of love and peace. That led to a higher awareness that in this life I needed my mother to be the exact person she was as she embodied an important lesson for me – the ability to shapeshift. Of course, we all have this ability but most people don’t use it. The ones that do use it, succeed handsomely.

Shapeshifting involves taking the inherent characteristic or personality trait we have been handed (indoctrinated) and molding it into a desirable attribute. For instance the trait of criticalness could be re-formed into discrimination. Criticalness and discrimination are the same energy but have completely different purposes.

Criticalness is engendered by jealousy, competition, and fear. Discrimination can offer clarity in making choices and willingness to see the whole picture. If you are critical of people’s choices, look from another angle and you will discern the motive, purpose, or fear behind the behavior. This can lead to empathy and understanding. If it is your flaw or trait, look beneath it and discern what is it I really need or want in the situation.

Being critical is not necessary.  It actually gets in the way – it diffuses the real meaning of the situation. A higher view is always needed.

Gossip serves a purpose and it is low energy. If gossip is your habit, change it to higher energy of sincere interest in another person that guides you to to empathy. If you are a gossip, you can use that trait to examine (discriminate) what is missing in your life that you would choose to focus on other people’s lives. At the same time you find gossip a disagreeable trait, you understand the need behind it and are able to take care of it.

Turn impatience to kindness which leads to patience. Turn quarrelsomeness to willingness to see the other side of issues. Turn jealousy into willingness to recognize what is missing in your life and fix it. Turn anger into introspection.

The truth is all the things I disliked about my mother were ME. I just demonstrated the same characteristics but differently. I had the same base qualities as she did and I needed her presence in my life so that I could recognize this pattern. I needed her exact influence so that I could purge or reshape undesirable parts of myself. No doubt I had lived her life (been like her) many times and this was the moment to make a change. I committed my current life experience as a turning point.

I had finally gathered sufficient personal strength (perseverance, even stubbornness) to make the shift I desired. What is this shift and how do we do it? The shift was from fear, worry, and anxiety to stability, stillness, peace, love and kindness. Perhaps you could call it a more centered life or even calmness.

People regularly comment that I am unusually calm. Yes, I created that. The point is we live on multi dimensions as multi layered beings it was time to heal a tendency toward fear and helplessness that I brought with me from previous lives. This was the moment I was to heal false beliefs and illusions.

My relationship with my mother clarified that I had no interest in following that old, negative path again and it gave me the fuel to master change. False beliefs: I am powerless, helpless, unworthy. Other people are more important and capable than me. There is not a way to get through this. I am stuck. Other people have control and you don’t. Blah, blah, blah.

Perhaps you have been exposed to similar illusory mental concepts and it might be time to sculpt your characteristics and traits to radiate the amazing being that you are. Thus, from a multi-level consciousness, we have lived many lives and had many experiences. That is not as important as what we’ve done with them.

People live lives of abuse and chaos and grow from those experiences into exalted powerful folks that make great contributions in the world while others in the same boat remain downtrodden. What is it you want to create or be? You have the wisdom and strength to shift into that person.

Make a decision and be-undaunted. When you mis-step or fall down, get up and do it again. Challenge your false beliefs and soon the light of truth will beam brightly through you and you will feel exalted!

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