Turning a new leaf - Starting a NEW Phase

Turning a new leaf - Starting a NEW Phase

Has it seemed as if we are at war of late? We hear about the war on Covid, and the war on drugs, racism, poverty, sexism, terrorism, and ageism. Oh yes, how could I forget…the fight to lose weight. It would seem that the way to approach a solution to a problem is to proclaim war.

The “news” does not seem to offer anything “new.” If anything the theme is “nothing new is happening; we’re still at war.” Many people have given up watching the news as it appears to be a collection of opinions rather than an objective report of events. It isn’t uplifting or productive and it is a really terrible way to get ready to sleep for the night – (nightmares of war). So, perhaps it is time to turn away from all this drama and conflict and begin something new…. maybe start something inspiring with the potential for growth! 2021 is as good a place to start as any.

What if we decide to make this New Year a new phase! In this new phase of living on planet earth we will choose to shift away from the ego and all its fear and drama and move into Spirit, love, and peace. Now that concept offers a variety of possibilities and scenarios. Here is one version.

In 2021 we choose to:

1) See goodness in people;

2) Be helpful;

3) Be kind and loving – yes, even to the grouchy folks. Especially to the grouchy folks;

4) Be generous in thought word and deed – including being effusive in giving credit and complements to others, and writing thank you notes.

5) Give up blaming – that means take responsibility for your life even when things turn topsy-turvy;

6) When others offer, you receive – help, complements, service, kindness, smiles, dinner, whatever.

7) Be happy – find a way to cultivate this! (See #6 above)

8) Be a community (family) rather than a single operative. Look for ways to make it better for everyone – not just you! Wow! That’s a good start.

Can you pick one of the above numbered steps and create an action plan to start your new phase? Are you ready to exit the battlefield and rise to a higher reality? (See the light, kiss babies, bask in the sunshine, smile at strangers, and pet puppies.) Now, what would be your first step to make 2021 a new phase and a new you?

Jean Walters is a Best Sellling Author, Transformational Coach, teacher and speaker.  You can reach her at jean@spirirtualtransformation.com or 314 991 8439

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