Living in the Abstract - What it is and how to do it!

Living in the Abstract - What it is and how to do it!

What is the Abstract? What it is not is the dense, material world. What it is then is the world of spiritual energy, that in which we are composed and living in and through.

Experiencing the Abstract means to put your attention on the on-going, consistent energy that never changes. It is your eternal being. The easiest way to do this is to go to your heart and feel the subtle energy of love. As you concentrate there, you will find it spreading and taking hold in your entire body and beyond, as though you are a vast bubble of lightness and calm.

To live in the abstract is to live beyond the dense world and in that way you are always connected with truth. As a mental-spiritual energy you can walk on water and struggle does not exist. It is in making this your reality that you can be in the world and not of the world.

Mahatma Gandhi could walk into a conflict because he was not part of the conflict – he was above the conflict in knowing the truth – that love is the only reality. Also he could see as love that all are brothers and sisters – his family. He could see that love was greater than fighting and greater than the strife of the small (egoic) self. So he called people to a larger reality, knowing that even loss of the dense human self (the container) was an acceptable outcome because to live in the energy of love was the most important thing and it was the ultimate truth (dharma).

For me to be untroubled by small people’s attachment to right and wrong and choosing who they will love (instead of all), and needing the stimulation of five senses to feel alive,Is to remain in the reality of love as the only truth. Gandhi radiated with love because that was his reality. He lived it and it was joy. He was fierce in his knowing and found no difficulty in making that his focus because he knew a broader / bigger reality – the only one that ultimately counts.

And how can I live this reality? To see above each person. To not be taken in by their strife. To bless them with my knowing and let them be jealous or grieved by it or welcome it or not. That part is theirs. My part is offering it and accepting their decision as theirs.

Getting started: Take 5-10 minutes sitting in silence. Close your eyes and focus on stillness and breath. Let yourself merge with this new rhythm. You will notice that it is completely different from the hustle and bustle of the material world. Retrain your mind to silence and you will begin to shed stress. It takes time and practice, but you can do it.

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