The Truth and What to Do About It!

The Truth and What to Do About It!

I am noticing people in a quandary these days. Many are concerned (confused) about the phase of life we have moved to... the passing from one phase of life to the next (I'm not referring to physical death). I am referring to an inner shift or death. I am referring to the energy of the Universe that is changing (yes, it is), and we are with it. Thus, the reality of yesterday is no longer, and we must shift our thoughts and practices to the new phase.          

And, what is this new phase, you ask? It is a time of self nurturing, stillness, and contemplation. Yes, it is true...people are spending time trying to adjust to a new way! And those that don't are in turmoil!           

Some facts: We have an inner life and an outer life. Most people spend the majority of their time distracted by their outer/earth life and experience much confusion because earth-life is really hard to reckon without the insight and wisdom of our Inner World. Many have set themselves up with some beliefs and values that really make it hard. The idea that God is an old man sitting on a throne spending HIS time judging and punishing his children wantonly and with abandon is a big one. Plus there are others just as outrageous, and by investing your time and attention into these concepts and beliefs, you make your life hellish.          

So here we are, a new age has dawned. It made an entrance with the Harmonic Convergence in the late 80s and things have been rolling along since then - the Aquarian (new) age, the "pandemic," social isolation, businesses closing their doors, others starting up (large numbers). Lots of change and movement. Drive down a street you knew well a few years ago and you will not see the same street. Everything has changed.        

 Additionally, it seems that time has speed-ed up and we can't get enough done, and life, in general, is kind of crazy and chaotic. It is like playing musical chairs and the music stops and we look around to see where we are what's left, and where to go??         

 Now, to be clear, we can choose to enjoy this adventure of change, or we can rue every little thing...and that results in MISERY. It is a choice!         

What I want to say is "Yes, the world is changing and we are changing right along with it, so relax. Think of this time as a bridge that we are walking across. It is a bridge from yesterday to tomorrow - from what was to what is." We are in the middle of this bridge and this is the part where we very consciously decide what is important to 'ME.' It is also a time to get your spiritual house in order - meaning let go of the nonsensical, shaming, limiting beliefs and behaviors of the past so that you can move fully across that bridge of change to become the Self that you were designed to be. It means that it is time to live as an expressive being who has value to offer and to share it.

So, to do this pay attention to your Inner world and learn how to listen to the deep messages of Spirit because you will be guided. How to do this? How to do this? Ahh!! There are definite practices that will help you. This is where you pay attention and get clear and serious. To get in touch with your Inner Self and the Still Small voice of intuition: Have quiet time, meditate, live in gratitude, accept change as a gift, and look to the deeper meaning of events and relationships in your life!

These are positive, growthful actions you can take!  The truth is that you will never find lasting happiness in the unstable, inconsistent, changeable material world but you can find lasting, consistent, stable happiness by learning how to understand that world from your Inner world. In other words, go within to KNOW truth, understand symbolic language, observe energy and how it moves, and take action.  

This is where I tell you that there are many answers in my books that can reveal this passage to a calmer, peaceful world. Buy them, read them, work with the exercises and suggestions. Be committed (to yourself) and you will see transformation in short order. I am also available to you as a counselor and teacher to walk with you as you cross to the other side of the bridge. These are the things that will lead to a kinder, gentler personal world and a happier you!

This is what I suggest: Start with Self Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live! It will lay a foundation for you and the ability to understand Universal law and where we fit in the scheme of things. We are living a hero's journey.

Be outrageous: Do the Impossible (Live Your Passion) will help you connect with your perfect creative expression and/or career choice.  Choose The Magic and Mystery of Dreams: The Ultimate Handbook for Interpreting your day and night dreams and the symbols in your life to understand the symbolism of life - why you have collected the particular group of people in your life and what you are to do about it.

Read The Journey from Anxiety to Peace: Practical Steps to Handle Fear, Embrace Struggle, and Eliminate Worry to be Happy and Free to utilize practices that will help you make the shift you need to make and get over the bridge and be happy. 

The Power of KNOWING: 8 Step Guide to Open Your Intuitive Channel and Live in Highest Consciousness will help you LISTEN to your inner voice... intuition, which is the Guide that will help you everyday and minute. Being guided from within will immediately make your life better.

Then the topper and deepest truth will come in the form of: Deep Truth: Wisdom of the Masters - Reality and Illusion: Practical Steps to understand the universe, master the mind, develop intuition, deepen wisdom, & live an inspired life!  Wow!

So there you have it. Let's move across that bridge to a finer, kinder, gentler experience. I bless you and I know the truth for you.... You are a perfect being fully equipped to live an amazing, joyful, prosperous life!!!!  Below you will find a link to my author's page on Amazon from which you can find these books. Order them from there or from my office. Come on over!

Call me if I can help you achieve clarity, or work through challenges. I have listed some testimonials below to help you understand what I do.

Here you go.....! This is the link to my Amazon author's page. All my books available here.

Jean Walters is an international best-selling author, personal growth consultant for over 35 years, teacher, and speaker.  She specializes in personal empowerment.  You reach her through her website:

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