Gratitude Magnetizes Good to You

Gratitude Magnetizes Good to You

Gratitude is magnetic. It draws all kinds of good to you.

Being grateful is the most practical, high-minded thing anyone can do. It immediately shifts you out of anxiety, fear, and angst. It is faster than a rocket taking off for the moon.  

The reason for that is that gratitude (and appreciation) is a form of love and radiates as high energy. Therefore it attracts to it in like manner.  In other words, it attracts high energy - fun, prosperity, friendship, kindness, all things good!            

It isn't difficult to live in gratitude. You can stop at a moment's notice and remember your many gifts: your talents, determination, friends, inventiveness, opportunities, air to breath, nature, your home, freedom, everything.  

Imagine your are stuck in traffic that seems to be going no where and you become tense and nervous. Then you remember that you have the freedom to drive, to own a car, to call ahead and let colleagues know you are running late. Many people, cultures, nations have none of these things.   

There are many narratives relative to gratitude in the Bible. Luke tells the story of Jesus passing through a village in Samaria when he encounters a group of ten men who suffer leprosy. The men cried out to Jesus to have mercy on them to which Jesus responded by healing them. He then instructed the men to show themselves to the local priests to be ceremonially cleansed.  They did as instructed and went their separate ways except for one man. No doubt they were excited to celebrate their healing and rejoin society and possibly the tenth man had similar plans, but he wanted to do something else first.  

As Luke tells it, he returned to Jesus and in a loud voice glorified God and fell down at Jesus' feet giving thanks. Jesus was moved by this man's heartfelt determination to go the extra mile to express gratitude. Because of his effort, he was able to connect with the master in a profound way. That profound connection is what occurs for anyone who chooses to live in gratitude! So, why not go the extra mile and feel and express gratitude all day long!! Have a joyful thanksgiving!!!

I am grateful for YOU!

Jean Walters is a certified as the best psychic in St. Louis for 8 years. She is a coach, teacher, & best-selling author. You can reach her at

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