Simple Practice to Increase Abundance in your Life!

Simple Practice to Increase Abundance in your Life!

Be grateful for everything - the air you breathe, the parks and woods and nature, the sunshine, friendshi9sp, opportunity, experiences, every adventure, all the love you give and receive, every check that shows up or for offers of free dinner or coffee. All beauty and experiences. Don't take anything for granted. Be grateful all day long!  

Each day ask teh Univerfse to show you abundance. Pay attention. Keep a log. Someone does a favor, an unexpected check arrives, you received a thank you note or complement. Someone shows up to help with a chore. Record it all.     

At night, write a page on abundance and give thanks for at least five things.   

To increase money flow, give away money every week. This is based on the law of circulation.  What goes out, must come in.  $10 to a charity or whatever. Don't give to poverty consciousness: give to support hope and wholeness. Give with a loving heart.   

Do a good deed or favor for someone everyday. Be helpful!   

Write a thank you note.     

Give complements generously. All these practices build magnetic attraction to that which is given out and through the law of circulation, the same is returned multiplied! Jean Walters is a teacher, speaker, best-selling author, and transformational coach for over 35 years. You can reach her at    

Jean Walters is an international best-selling author that helps her clients work through issues, develop clarity and direction, and connect to Spirit at a deep level.  You can reach her at

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