Emotion Genius

Emotion Genius

          Emotional genius or idiot? That is the subject of Karla McLaren’s teaching on emotions. Respected author and healer, McLaren, instructs “Emotions are celebrated and repressed, analyzed and medicated, adored and ignored, but rarely, are they honored. Yet, when understood, emotions reveal practical tools that we can use to stop struggling in relationships, family, career, and personal growth.  For example, your anger contains crucial insights that are important to change a self-defeating behavior that could be stopping you short of success.            

        Fear holds memories needed to effectively resolve crisis.  Depression, by its very name, indicates repression as in repressed desires. It has also been said that body “fat” represents unfulfilled dreams, yet, another sign of repression. 

          By getting in touch with emotions, instead of running from them, you might embrace your most passionate inner desires, go on to fulfill them, and return, once again, to a natural state of joy.            

          What is it you really want to do or experience that you are not giving yourself permission? To discover this answer, observe your emotional reactions around people, events and activities and you will accrue valuable cues regarding your REAL desires. What activity brings you the most joy? Passion? Satisfaction?           

           Dr. Norman Vincent Peale tells a story of a young man who followed his successful father into the insurance business and while attempting to be a good insurance broker, failed three times. As the young man conversed with Peale, he gently, lovingly stroked the wood grain of a nearby table. Peale took note and commented on the young man’s interest in the table to which he replied that he had always loved wood. He found the textures, colors, and feel of it enticing and reveled in creating unique pieces of furniture.         

           Peale suggested that he explore this passion to see what it might offer as a livelihood. The young man became excited with the prospect for it seemed he had never given himself permission to consider such a proposition. As one might imagine, he eventually created a successful business creating beautiful, unique wood pieces.          

            Emotions are a vast reservoir of information that link us to our Higher Intelligence. By connecting with our emotional (feeling) selves, we regain direction, keys into our greatest talents, re-energize our bodies, and live an inspired life. Conversely, by thwarting ourselves emotionally, by trying to be something we are not, we lose connection to our passions, truth, and inspiration.         

            According to McLaren, how well you use your emotional resources determines your emotional genius. Reflect on the times when you felt most alive, inspired and/or fulfilled. What were you doing then? How does that factor into a way to live life passionately!

Jean Walters is a best-selling author, Akashic Reader, Transformational Coach and lecturer. You can reach her at www.spiritualtransformation.com

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