Simplicity, the Ultimate Sophistication

Simplicity, the Ultimate Sophistication

Simplicity the Ultimate Sophistication Multitasking is big these days. What with computers, internet, e-mail, cell phones, social media, voice mail, and your life scheduled to the hilt. It would seem the only way to make it through the day is to multitask and that just adds more confusion to the mix.

Yes, we live in an information age explosion, but quality is lost with divided attention. In other words, the number of tasks to be completed and the design of the human brain, don’t quite match. Plus, any attempt at peace goes by the wayside without conscious, considered focus.

Embracing simplicity requires being protective of where and on what we place our attention and on what we ask of ourselves. Are you focusing on something that enriches or depletes you?

Are you so distracted and attentionally divided that you lose your center and your peace. Writer, Martha Beck, offers some wonderful pointers for those who crave a simpler life. Her first point is to accept that you will not be able to read every bit of mail, respond to every offer, attend every event, and complete every project.

Simplification boils down to managing your time by managing your attention. Secondly, she suggests starting your day with a clear plan for where you place your attention. Otherwise, the day will get wasted. Prioritize before the day begins because if you wait, demands that spontaneously pop up take over. That leaves you overwhelmed and mentally fuzzy.

Plan according to your big picture and manage priorities with eagle vision. That means that you consider today’s goals in terms of what you want to accomplish long run. That means what experiences do you want to have and how do you want to affect the world?

While you plan from the big picture, execute your plan with mouse vision. Focus directly and completely on the task in front of you. That requires cutting-out distractions. Mouse vision eliminates scatteredness and the accompanying exhaustion, and you will discover that your concentration improves over time. Thus, while you give up talking on the phone, driving, putting together a grocery list and planning your next meal, what you gain is sanity, being present, peace and purpose.

Leonardo da Vinci said it well: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Jean Walters is a Transformational Coach and Akashic Record Reader giving over 35,000 readings in her career. She helps clients find their passion, direction, discover solutions, determine their next step. Reach her at Website:

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