Don't Poison Yourself with Negativity!

Don't Poison Yourself with Negativity!

Don't Poison Yourself with Negativity! Yes, it is true…. negativity is toxic. Negativity lowers your energy, immunity and vibration and creates resistance to love. It might seem that keeping your thoughts positive and refusing negativity is a bit of a quandary, yet it can be done. And, yes, it takes vigilance and discipline to accomplish.

The brain was established long ago and with an original purpose of survival. Hence it served as a guard dog watching for danger and what lies beyond the next tree and rock cluster. Centuries later we have altered our sensory needs. We are no longer waiting for the next tiger to bounce and tear us limb from limb.

We have advanced as sit were, and revere sensory goals and desires and thus chose direct action toward goal fulfillment instead of living to survive. Hence, the need is to re-condition the same brain and neurological impulse to seek pleasure and opportunity rather than wait on guard for an attack or to locate a safe dry shelter before the storm hits.

As we identify with the Spirit within, the impetus is to expand our consciousness and move beyond fear, anxiety, stress, and worry as toxic thought systems. These systems literally poison the mind and body. Therefore, we can choose to reposition our thought toward expansion. This is a joyful exchange and allows us to look to every opportunity for growth.

Thoughts take many forms. “What if people don’t like me” can be switched to “I like people and they like me.” “What if I can’t succeed” can transform to “there is always a way to succeed and I will find it.” “I’m broke switches to there are millions of ways to make money and I’m in hot pursuit.”

Stress over any possible scenario can be altered in the same way and when you do this you lift the body and mind to lightness, health, and a highest vibration. It is an everyday event to catch yourself in a negative thought pattern and reverse it. Why is this? Because somewhere in your past you experienced a moment where something wasn’t going the way you thought it should. Your parents had an argument and you got scared that divorce was eminent so you decided all arguments were bad and led to terrible consequences and from there you froze when someone raised their voice. Thus from an instantaneous mental photograph you formulated a lifelong pattern that has interfered with freedom, optimism, and openness.

It could be that the last time you saw your kid brother he was getting into a red car and later he was killed in an accident and ever since you can’t get into a red car. None of this is rational and when you set up a negative belief system based on irrational conclusions, you become irrational and your life becomes irrational and it all goes downhill. Yet, at the same time, it is all changeable. But you have to catch yourself in the moment and take charge – make the necessary changes.

Belief systems are not set-in granite. You can re-remember the incident and change its meaning. You can forgive yourself for jumping to conclusions and start over. You can let go of mental poison and clean the slate. People argue and nothing bad happens. Some folks even enjoy arguing and think it makes their relationship interesting – exciting. We were trained in a fear-based world to protect ourselves from negative judgments and criticisms from other people which puts our attention on other people instead of being who we are.

The result is that as we find ourselves in potentially volent situations, we react to negative stimulus rather than responding to it. To change unconscious impulses requires going back to our deepest desire. Do we want to live in defensiveness, blaming, and excuses or move to the peace and calm of our deepest mind (the Christ Mind, the mind of love)?

To perfect our ability to overcome a tendency to jump to an imprudent stance rather than thoughtful deliberate consideration requires learning to take a moment to step back. When we step back before taking impulsive action, we are remembering that we have a choice. This confirms our spiritual nature. This considered movement is about choosing conscious intent.

As this choice is made, we dissolve the ego need to defend, excuse, or place blame. It is a choice for freedom. Many reactions are set up to evoke positive judgments from others. We point our finger to someone else. We disavow our responsibility, make excuses, and place blame elsewhere. In truth, there is no elsewhere and we grow by recognizing our defensiveness is a sign there is more internal work to do.

On the other hand, if I know that I am a good person with highest intentions for all, I relinquish any need to prove it to someone else. Reactions generally indicate there is no conscious thought present. Thoughtfully responding is a conscious act flowing from a clear intention. There is no poison, and no one is hurt. Yay!

Jean Walters is a Transformational Coach & best selling author. Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live! (free yourself from fear; live in the light of who you are:

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