How to develop Deservability

How to develop Deservability

The idea that we are all deserving of good things can seem illusive at times. Often, we put off aggressively seeking the life we desire because we don’t really believe we deserve it. This type of belief system and negativity generally originates in childhood. It is then that we determine how to view our experience and often experiences and comments are misinterpreted. But all that can be changed.

For instance, a belief of undeserving might be traced to an experience as basic as “potty” training. Or perhaps we were judged to be bad and undeserving if we did not clean our dinner plate, make good grades, pick-up our room, win the blue ribbon, or be nice to our siblings. Often, it is not so much what was said, but how it was expressed. How a comment is stated is a large determinate on how it it interpreted and how it affects the child. Commonly, children buy into another person’s concepts, hang-ups or opinions concerning how he is to be. Yet, many (or all) of their ideas may be irrelevant as to what is true in your particular experience.

The truth is that being a deserving person has nothing to do with being good or having others’ approval. What gets in the way of accepting deservability is our unwillingness to accept the good that life is offering. There are no criticisms in nature nor has life or spirit ever judged you. It is your self-judgment that interferes with receiving the gifts, blessings, opportunities, prosperity, and joy that life holds for you.

We do not ask babies to behave, perform or look a certain way. We accept babies as beautiful, perfect beings who often fall down, smear food all over themselves, give toothless grins, and are constantly developing. We don’t care if a baby is unable to feed or dress himself, walk, or say excuse me. And we certainly don’t consider their character flawed if he is without proper etiquette, doesn’t laugh at our jokes, or is messy.

With babies we are patient and tolerant of their learning process. We need to be the same way with ourselves. No one has all the answers. Yet, we have unlimited ability to learn and grow.

As you accept yourself fully and unconditionally, the same way you acknowledge an infant or child, you will develop the openness and willingness necessary to receive the incredible bounty that life offers (and is waiting for you), whether you believe you deserve it or not. In time, you will understand that everyone deserves and you will say, thank you, each time something amazing happens -- which is everyday!

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