You can be a Perfectionist or .... (something better)!

You can be a Perfectionist or .... (something better)!

Are you a perfectionist? Do you tell yourself, If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right? Do mistakes drive you crazy? Are you indignant about having to re-do a project, or correct stupid errors? If so, more than likely you experience tremendous conflict and pressure. But there is a better way.

There is a difference between having to create perfect results and having high standards. A person with high standards gives his best and learns from the result. His aim is to continually give more and improve his skills. A perfectionist, on the other hand, expects every effort to be indisputably without flaw. His ego, rides with each outcome, and is crushed when criticized.

Does it make sense to seek a healthy perspective rather than destroy your health with impossible goals? Remember, Babies learn to walk over time. We don’t expect them to get up once and walk perfectly. We understand that walking is a process that includes various factors such as balance and strength AND falling down . Patiently, we applaud each effort the baby makes. With encouragement, the baby tenaciously gets up again and again, until he has mastered walking.

We are similar. Each time we venture into new territory or attempt yet another learning experience, we are as fresh and naïve as a baby. Endeavor to be patient and gentle in your growth process. Expecting immediate success, without benefit of trial and error, is unrealistic and unfair.

If you were to tutor others the same way, you would insure their failure. The results you seek will come more quickly by engaging a positive, reinforcing attitude. Why? Because life is a process involving continuous adjustments. There are always ways to improve effectiveness. To assume otherwise, discourages creativity.

The automobile industry continues to re-engineer and redesign cars. Technology races onward with newer advanced methods. Why, then, would we assume that man is not a work in process?

Jean Walters is a international best-selling author and transformational coach. You can find her books, The Power of KNOWING: 8 Step guide to open your intuitive channel and live in Highest Consciousness and The Journey from Anxiety to Peace: Practical Steps to handle fear, embrace struggle, and eliminate worry to become happy and free and others on her website.

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