If you want to Grow, take the Risk!

If you want to Grow, take the Risk!

Has there ever been a time in your life, a period of dynamic personal growth that wasn’t connected to a risk you willingly took or there was no other choice but to take it? You took a leap and risk? The truth is that wisdom, character, and inner strength is the reward to those who take risks.

The decision to take a risk is a powerful catalyst for growth. It involves deciding to do what truly resonates on a soul level, in spite of what it may seem to cost you. One of the things you discover when taking a conscious risk is the realization that who you really are has nothing to do with fear. Yet, to make this self-liberating discovery, you must face your fears, whatever they appear to be.

The following are examples of everyday events which propose unique opportunities to take everyday risks. And, as you will see, even the most common occurrences offer new awareness, potential, and growth. Risk saying no: Many people fear saying no for concern that they won’t be liked or they will lose business, and that is precisely why they cannot be free. Freedom requires that you refuse the demands of others. Saying “no” opens the gate to freedom. Saying “yes” under duress creates a life of resentment. The risk is to walk away from fear. Just say “no.”

Risk leaving empty spaces empty: When you fill up all your time doing meaningless things, you are trying to fill the emptiness you feel inside. So, risk leaving an empty space empty. Let it fill itself in whatever way it does. Maybe it will stay empty, and you will find out that there was nothing to fear. Facing this fear ends your fear of emptiness. And that means growth.

Risk not defending yourself: The truth really is that you don’t need to defend yourself and never did. When you let go of quips, retorts, and defensiveness, you discover that you can’t be hurt. In other words, let others win and you will feel free!

Risk appearing stupid. When you let your fear of appearing stupid take over, and “pretend” to understand something that you really don’t, you are setting yourself up to fail. Don’t be a “pretender.” Risk saying, I don’t understand and ask all the questions you need to ask. That is brilliance in action!

Risk bearing your own burdens. The difficulty of any challenge/trouble is how much fear you attach to it. Risk leaping from fear and managing them yourself head on. That is when you will find your solution.

Risk being rejected: “No” is just a word that lets you know you are in the wrong ballpark. When you hear “no,” recognize it as a sign to go elsewhere. Rejection is relative to that "rejecting" person and that means the rest of the world is open for exploration

Risk catching yourself in the act: Keep your eyes open and attention sharp and you will be able to catch yourself in the middle of some self-created drama. When that happens, just drop it. Cut yourself a break and be real. The risk is to be at peace.

Risk-taking the lead: There is true joy and satisfaction when you risk finding your own way in life. Followers fear being different and suggesting a new path. Leaders take the lead and discover their way.

Risk letting go: You’ve been trying to do something that is not working. See this as a sign and risk letting go for something better to show up. Releasing what doesn't work reveals the path to freedom.

Risk being no one: Wanting to be seen as “someone” and questing to be seen as great can be a great burden. Decide if carrying this need is honest and necessary to your happiness The moment of real conscious risk can feel scary, like a tunnel with no light at its other end. But each time you enter it, it transforms into a bridge spanning your past fearful life, into a new fearless life of expanded potential.

Jean Walters is a Transformational Coach for over 35 years & best-selling author of six personal development books.  Find her books on www.spiritualtransformation.com  You can reach her at jean@spiritualtransformation.com or 314 991 8439

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