My Story: How it all Began!

My Story:  How it all Began!

One of the preoccupations of people throughout all times and all cultures have been to find that which is sacred, which is transcendental, which is beyond the small sense of self, our jobs and relationships, this small I. In all cultures, this search is taken as a journey of a yogi, a healer, a shaman, a seer or wise person. Although separate by continents and centuries, it is always the same journey. It is the journey of going from the small self-centered view of the world to an awareness of its vastness and mystery.

Jack Kornfield

I have been at this study of learning to connect to Greatest Consciousness, achieve awareness, and to understand the transcendent reality in which we live for a long time. It seems that each person wakes up at some point with an understanding, an awareness of what it is that drives one. In my, case it came early. I wanted to fathom how people knew what it was they were to become? How did they know? Of course, behind that question was another one: How am I to know?

I pondered that question because something inside of me knew that I was not to be “normal.” What I mean by that is, what I saw to be normal (in my child’s perception) was that people went to work every day to make money so that they could pay the bills, live in a house, and someday retire. I didn’t get it. It made no sense to me. It seemed ridiculous. It depressed me.

Then, one day, I was speaking to my high school drivers-education teacher, and I told him of my consternation that I couldn’t see how I could live the life I just described. I didn’t know what to do. (I was 16 at the time.) He saw my quandary and did something miraculous. He drew a circle. It was just a line drawn into a circle. He said, “See this space within the circle? It represents everything you know, and this line that is drawn around that inner space (the periphery of the circle) represents everything you don’t know. Now, look what happens when you expand what you know. The line around the circle also expands.”

In a few brief minutes, he gave me purpose. He showed me that, no matter how much I learned, there would be more that I didn’t know. There would always be more to explore and understand. He gave me a reprieve. I didn’t have to live anyone else’s life. I could live my own life. I felt the weight come off my shoulders. I felt myself breathing again. It was a start. I had a purpose! Since that time, I have thought about my teacher and his circle.

I plunged (literally) into spirituality early in life. I wanted to know. How does the Universe work? I knew intuitively it wasn’t happenstance, but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to know HOW it worked, what I could depend upon, how to trust it. That was the quest…and I did it!

I learned and grew and practiced. I went into my laboratory (myself) and experimented to see if I could create the life I wanted. I did this repeatedly because I wanted to see what was real, what I could count on. That has been my life’s work. And then I taught it, spoke about it, wrote about it, and shared it. Other people found the same stability that I did. That is how this book, Deep Truth: Wisdom of the Masters, came into existence.

I wanted to share this knowledge because I know it is the thing you can count on also, the one stable truth. The interesting fact is that Truth does not change. The material world changes, moment by moment, but truth does not change. That is what you will come to terms with in my writings - books and articles. I have written stories illustrating the points I make. I have outlined exercises and techniques so that you could find your own truth, because my truth is not enough for you. You must find your own.

But don’t worry. Truth does not vary. It is always constant. That is what you will discover: truth, stability, practices, and concepts to challenge you and make your own. It is my joy to share this information, and just like my drivers-education teacher, I hope you are able to draw your own circle and keep filling it with understanding so that you can expand beyond all imagined boundaries and understand that the only thing that frees you is Truth.

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