Funny Buddha Story you may relate to!

Funny Buddha Story you may relate to!

I found this story on the internet and I related to it. See if you do too! In Buddha’s day, as in today, there was great emphasis on intellectual achievement and less on spiritual evolution. Thus when word got out that there was a learned master instructing students on truth, there were many who were curious.

Hence the philosophers came to Buddha, the learned teacher, to challenge him in his precepts and conclusions. But, he was not challenged. The reason he wasn’t challenged by these intellectuals, is that he KNEW. His knowing radiated from a deep place within – far deeper than human intellect. It came from knowing – intuition – our Divine Center. In other words, when you experience truth there is no challenge for it.

Buddha said, if you know, you are happy. Consider yourself to be victorious. Do you know? I know and therefore, I have no need to challenge anyone. Knowing may happen at some point, but it won’t come through challenge, discussion, or debate. It can only come through experience.

Sariputti, the great intellectual came to Buddha and admitted that he did not know. He recognized that to know required understanding or seeing from another level and he asked Buddha, what am I to do? Buddha’s reply was: you must be silent for two years.

It was the simple suggestion Buddha handed to each person who came to him. Two years of complete silence and then you can ask any question. After two years, the concept of challenging or defeating another is gone. Identity has been forgotten and the inner senses have opened.

Inasmuch as our struggles today are exactly as they were in Buddha’s time, is it a good idea to take a break from intellectual knowledge, competition, and proving yourself to move to experiencing truth, so that you may KNOW?

I like this story because Buddha wasn’t taken with great intellectuals. He wanted more – he wanted truth. In this story, intuition is placed above intellect and supplies the way out of our present world dilemma. You know how it goes, Be still and know that I AM God!! As you practice stillness, you will KNOW, you will be guided, and you will have your answer!

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