Letting go Opens the Door for New Opportunity

Letting go Opens the Door for New Opportunity

 When we feel we have what we want or we have reached the zenith of life, letting go is a challenge. But it is also an opportunity. Some consider letting go weak, like fragility, failure or loss. But the fact is that letting go is freedom. It releases you to incredible new beginnings.

When Oprah Winfrey was told that she was too emotional to deliver the nightly news, there was a part of her that was relieved. It appeared that even though her sensitivity made it difficult to be a news anchor it was exactly the right quality to have a successful talk show. Consequently she released her news reporter-anchor job and found a new home as an interviewer-host on daytime talk television.

As a result, the Oprah Show was born and dominated daytime television for 25 years and she never looked back. One might say that she not only did not resist but also welcomed the change. One might also say that reporting the news enabled her to assume her next role, to be a good interviewer and host. Therefore letting go of an experience which was completed led her to her next growth step. Just like it does for you.

Here is an activity for you: What opportunities are present right now to express your talents and abilities and give for the joy of it? What would suit you? How might you express your care, love, kindness, money, resources? How might you proceed right now - today?

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