A Powerful Motivational Story

A Powerful Motivational Story

A Cool Story that can change Your Life!! It was the late 1950s… … when twin boys were born in an abandoned building. Instantly they were given up for adoption. They never knew who their parents were. These boys were raised by a single mother on welfare.

One of them struggled in school. It got so bad he was held back twice. Soon, he got labeled as EMR -- educable mentally retarded. Spoiled goods. (Often these are the kids who are geniuses – but that was then.)

Yet, the kid had a dream. His dream was to become a disc jockey. During the night, he would sneak his mom’s hairbrush into his room and he used it like a microphone. And he practiced. He worked on his style, introducing records to his ghost listeners, creating his imaginary radio station in his tiny room with its torn vinyl flooring. We know dreams are important. He must have known too!

One day -- during a break from mowing grass for the city -- the kid boldly entered the local radio station. He went to the station manager’s office and told him he wanted to be a disc jockey. The manager eyed this kid in overalls and straw hat and asked him: “Do you have any background in broadcasting?” “No sir, I don’t,” replied the kid. “Well, son, I’m afraid we don’t have a job for you then.” The kid thanked him and left.

The station manager thought he’d never see this young man again. Little did he know because he was back the next day. This time, it wasn’t just about him anymore. He decided that he wanted to buy a nicer house for his adoptive mother. To offer her the world for the love she granted him. Once again, the radio manager sent him away. But he wouldn’t stop. He went back every day for a week, asking if there were any job openings.

Finally, the station manager gave in and took him on as an errand boy – at no pay. He fetched coffee and brought lunches for the DJs and eventually picking up visiting celebrities in their Cadillacs. Little did they know he didn’t even have a driver’s license.

As time swept by, the kid scoped out the DJs and watched and learned from them. He taught himself their hand movements on the control panel. He stayed in the control rooms and soaking up whatever he could until they asked him to leave. Then one Saturday afternoon it happened.

The kid was at the station, and a DJ named “Rock” drank himself into unconsciousness. He was unable to continue the program. Out of the blue, the phone rang. The kid picked it up, and it was the station manager. “I don’t think Rock can finish his program. Call one of the other DJs to come in and take over.” “Yes, sir. I sure will.” But when the kid hung up the telephone, he said to himself… “Now, he must think I’m crazy.” The kid waited about 15 minutes before he called the general manager. “I can’t find nobody,” he said. The station manager then asked: “Young man, do you know how to work the controls in the studio?” “Yes sir, I do.” The kid darted into the booth. He was ready. He was hungry. He flipped on the microphone switch and said: “Look out! This is me LB, triple P – Les Brown, Your Platter Playing Poppa. There were none before me and there will be none after me. Therefore, that makes me the one and only. Young and single and love to mingle. Certified, bona fide, indubitably qualified to bring you satisfaction, a whole lot of action. Look out, baby, I’m your lo-o-ove man.”

That’s right. The young man of this story was the legendary Les Brown. Because of his persistence and preparation, Les was ready… when his opportunity arose, he wowed the audience and his general manager. And from that fateful beginning, Les went on to become a top motivational speaker, author, and inspiration to millions of people. He overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to make it happen.

Les’s story unveils a powerful principle many people miss… You see, it’s easy for people and businesses to get stuck in a rut. They repeat themselves without paying attention to new opportunities that pop up. Like Les often says… ALWAYS be prepared. No matter where you’re at right now… No matter what life throws at you… No matter how good or bad you think you have it… PREPARE. Because the opportunity could be right around the corner.

This article is adapted from Steve Olsher blog.

Jean Walters is a transformational coach, akashic reading, best selling author, and teacher.  You can reach her at jean@spiritualtransformation.com and 314 991 8439

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