If you are ready, let's go - steps to release anxiety and worry!!

If you are ready, let's go - steps to release anxiety and worry!!

It has been a while now that the news media has been pumping out warnings and fear-based messages -- viruses, political subterfuge, and various other things -- and this barrage has taken a toll on everyone’s psyche. Anxiety seems to rule the day and people are suffering.

Worry, struggle, and stress are restrictive energies that interfere with the natural flow of health in the mind and body. Is it time for a different approach? Are you ready to live a calmer existence? If so there are ways to bring forth peace, restore balance, and increase vitality. It might be simpler than you think, but mental discipline is necessary and at the core of transforming from anxiety to peace. If you are ready, here are steps to get started (and more to follow later).

Years ago when I was a child, I dealt with the dilemma of having a very anxious mother. Her mood was ever the central focus of our family. It was during this time that I decided to find a better way to live for it was clear to me that that my beautiful mother was harming herself by constant worry. I vowed to find a way to transform worry, anxiety and fear to peace and happiness and if you would like to do the same I am going to share these methods. They will work for you too.

Letting Go – Letting go is an instantaneous way to find relief. What exactly are you releasing? Start with “control.” Many people believe that if things don’t go exactly as they think they should, it is a disaster. Charles Darwin, on the other hand, believed that it is not the strongest of the species that survive nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change. That can mean that change is our friend and in order to change we must let go and get strong.

Start by letting go of things that do not enrich you. Are there situations, relationships, and objects that no longer serve? Let them go. Some may help others. The point is that new, inspired thoughts and inventive ways cannot enter until the old and worn out are discharged.

Action: Evaluate your relationships. Are you hanging with the same people since forever? Are these relationships enriching? Is it time to seek some new fresh faces? Also, pick a closet or draw and de-clutter. It will feel great!

Let the dead bury the dead – Release Emotional Baggage – What is your baggage? Does it include being hurt, offended or criticized? Did your mother not love you enough and dad wasn’t there? If so, forgive them and move on. If you don’t forgive these past offenders, you are dragging around a bag of concrete (memories and judgments) that keeps you mired and disconnected from your awesome self.

We all have stories about what we should have done at any given time. It is all make believe. “Why was I so stupid, blah, blah, blah?” These stories and judgments are a waste of time. At any given moment you did the best you knew how to do. How do I know this? Because if you had known better you would have done better. Make a rule - no more "what ifs" or pity parties .

Also, fretting about what other people think gets tossed in the cement bag. (Right before you throw the whole thing out.) What others think of you is their own self projection. It has nothing to do with you. The truth is that people are way more interested in themselves than they are in you.

Action: Pick a target and start moving toward it. Take a step, any step. When the voice of self-doubt chimes in, fire it. “You’re fired!” Now keep moving. Take another step toward your goal. Don’t look back. (This is an excerpt from the book: The Journey from Anxiety to Peace: Practical steps to handle fear, embrace struggle, and eliminate worry to become happy and free).  You can find this book here:  https://www.amazon.com/Journey-Anxiety-Peace-Practical-Eliminate-ebook/dp/B086Z5ZVFW/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=The+journey+from+anxiety+to+peace%2C+jean+walters&qid=1633906458&sr=8-1 Jean Walter is a best selling author, transformational coach and teacher of empowerment techniques. Reach her at jean@spiritual transformation.com

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