Innocence - How to Regain it!

Innocence - How to Regain it!

Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. Franz Kafka

Innocence: we had it in the beginning and then what happened? A child is born and no matter what color, shape, ethnic group, or tribe, it is beautiful. May we all wish to live in the purity and unbridled innocence of an infant.

These brand-new beings exude perfection and love. It is all they know. People are drawn to babies because they experience them as pure, open, without prejudice and willingness to accept. Yes, this is true that, even though babies are without knowledge and don’t know how to communicate beyond mumbled sounds and screeches and are incapable of controlling their body functions, they are beautiful, radiant beings. And even though they can’t walk or talk, and they slobber their food, they are God’s purest gift. They beam with love and possibility.

That is the truth of who we are as well. Babies are open to discovery. Thus, when Jesus said, Come into the kingdom as a child, you were given a major key to connecting to your innate state of Godliness or highest energy. Be innocent and open. Babies represent a clean slate. There is no hate, anger, guilt or remorse marring their consciousness. Their focus is on awe and wonderment. A leaf can be an amazing item of texture, color, and even taste.

Babies are interested. They want to experience everything through every sense. They have no judgment or preconception on good or bad. Everything is accepted in turn. What resides inside the waste can, or what amazing object sits on the top shelf of the bookcase, is open for discovery. Everything represents adventures to be had.

Openness and innocence. That is the consciousness that Jesus referred to when he said to come into the kingdom as a child. Come into the kingdom with innocence. Be witness to the wonderment of your true essence. Leave behind your illusions of negative judgments: guilt, shame, and wrongness. Keep your slate clean.

When you go to the movies, you are in observer-mode. You know that you are watching a made-up story, played out with actors that are assuming individual roles. You may enjoy the story, walk from the theater, and within a few hours, you release the experience. What if you adopted the same process with your earthly experiences? You know, the ones you feel have tainted you or made you unworthy, ignorant, or undesirable? What if you decide to look at those with wonderment and accept them as an earth movie in which each person was playing a part?

Did you enjoy your role? Would you like to play a different character? What can you learn from the story line? Have you played this part before? Is there a recurring theme? How do you want to change your character/role? These are the questions we ask ourselves as we release the heaviness of an experience and move toward its greater meaning and purpose.

The experience itself does not define you. It is just a part in the drama called life that you are acting out. It illustrates what you have magnetized and accepted in your consciousness. When you step back from the situation, you can see it more clearly. Once you recognize that you are not to be defined by a story or event, you are back in the theater watching a new movie. You are “seeing” with objectivity, discernment and detachment. Perhaps even amusement.

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