It Works! One Simple Step

A small pamphlet, called, It Works, written in 1926 by RHJ, and still circulating after 1,500,000 copies have been sold, states a simple truth, “If you know what you want, you can have it.”

Actor-Comedian, Jim Carrey, must have been a believer. As the story goes, he walked up to the Hollywood Hills sign and looking out over the city wrote himself a check for ten million dollars. On the comment line he wrote, “For services rendered”. Carrey tucked the check in his wallet and carried it with him for years before he hit it big.

Every time he opened his wallet, the check stared back as a reminder of his goal. Then, after numerous small parts acting in low-budget movies, he hit it big with The Mask and other feature films becoming a highly paid talent commanding 20 million and upwards for a single film.

Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip, also knew what he wanted. He made a list of goals he planned to achieve in his life. In fact, he religiously wrote them every day. His focus was clear and as a result each item manifested in turn. His observation was that once you write down your dreams, you become attuned to observing things happen that make your objective more likely to materialize. In Adams case, he went from a lowly cubicle worker in corporate America to a syndicated cartoonist in almost 2000 newspapers worldwide.

Adams kept his focus through many rejections to realize his desire. For him It started when he wrote down his dreams. There are many others who did the same thing. Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Mr. Universe, former governor of California, and star in many feature films, was exceedingly clear when, as a boy he decided that he was going to be an American movie star. And even though there were lots of nay-sayers along the way, he kept his vision clear while grasping every opportunity to move toward his goal. He endured poverty, learning a new language, English, clearing up a thick Austrian accent, and many rejections to become Conan the Barbarian, the Terminator, and many other characters he brought to life on film.

His thought was the road to success starts with a vision. Thus the question is: What do you want?

There is always a sense of wonderment when someone achieves his goal. Even though we are taught in success training – books, seminars, lectures – that setting your intention, focusing on the outcome you desire, and being clear about what you want is necessary to getting there, it all still seems a bit magical. Yet it all starts with the simple step of writing down your goals.

Thus going back to It Works, here are some instructions for writing your goals. First, make sure they are clear, well stated, easy to understand and in the present tense. Then read them daily. Feel what it would be like to have each one manifested in your life. Most important, be alert as you watch for opportunities to take action to fulfill them. It is said that you are not committed to a goal until you write it down. If that is true, than what are you waiting for? Where is the pen; where is the paper; get busy!

Jean Walters is a St. Louis Personal Growth Consultant and Life Coach specializing in personal empowerment. You can reach her at 314 566 5231 cell / 314 991 8439 office Check out her books on

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