Faith: How to Increase It!

Faith:  How to Increase It!

Faith is the belief in something unseen. We all have faith. We believe in various things, but we all believe. For instance, you have faith that when you flick the light-switch, the room will burst with light. You know that even though you have not seen electricity, it is present in the lamp and will ignite the bulb whenever you toggle the switch.

It is a simple thing. Yet, you take this act on faith. However, consider an aborigine entering your home and toggling the same light-switch. He would be astounded, shocked, and possibly fearful when the light blinks on because electricity is not something he takes for granted. He has no faith in it. You know electricity is good because you have used it for positive purposes. Nevertheless it can just as easily be harmful. People have been burned and even died from electrocution. This damage is misdirection of a positive force. In this case, electricity.

The same thing is true of faith. Perhaps you have faith that flowers will bloom in the spring or that wolves howl at the full moon. You may have faith that all people stop at red lights or that you will always receive your paycheck. Perhaps you are directing your faith productively by believing that things will turn out well, that people are essentially good, and that you will always have an abundance of health, friends, and money. Or, you might be focusing your faith along negative lines by believing in gloom, doom, illness, poverty, isolation, weight problems, bad breath, and the latest virus. No matter how you use it -- beneficially or not -- you do have faith.

If you direct it along positive lines, your life improves. An easy way to use faith is to start your day with gratitude. The moment you give thanks for the blessings you have – your home, work, family, trees, sunshine, great books to read, friends – your attention turns toward the positive and you become a magnet multiplying the blessings in your life.

There is a saying that like attracts like. That means that similar energies are magnetized toward each other. It is the reason that friendly people have lots of friends and grumpy people don’t make it to the invitation list.

Magnetism is is also called “attraction.” The thing to know is that you are are in charge of what you attract, be it grumpiness, friendliness, abundance or lack. Another saying is that if you want a friend, be a friend. It is the same as magnetism. Back to faith and how to use it to improve your are some suggestions that will help you increase your faith in goodness:

Start your day with the idea that something wonderful is going to happen today. Then, anticipate good around every corner and event. Like children anticipating fun at the circus, or gifts at Christmas. It works, they have fun and receive gifts. Keep you energy (and faith) high by appreciating the beauty that surrounds you. It is in the smiles of people, the giggles of children, the chirping of birds, art, architecture, music, everywhere.

Share inspired thoughts with others. Complement the the people in your world (even strangers) and say “thank you” often and for everything. As you move your attention to the wonders of life, your attitude will improve and your faith will grow. In other words, fill your heart, eyes, ears and thoughts with positives and everything improves including your faith. Soon you will expect things to go well, and you know what - they will!

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