How to Live as the Light!

How to Live as the Light!

             Ever since Albert Einstein discovered the Unified Field, Quantum Physics has made a great leap in understanding that the basis of all life as light. Of course, the reference to light is as old as the Bible wherein Genesis states that God said, Let there be light and there was light. Therefore, the idea of light is not new and perhaps we are catching up to this concept that is as old as forever and possibly the key to life everlasting and living in joy. I will explain further…         

             The science of physics indicates that if you were to take a high-powered microscope and look deep within matter (any matter – a chair, desk, human body), you would find one foundational element – light. So, what does this mean to you and me? It means that we are made in the light of the Quantum Field (ie God). We are the light of God.           

           Another name for light is love. The great teacher, Jesus, said that if you want to know for sure that you are love, forgive your enemies. That might sound astounding simple, but if you were to contemplate the concept you would discover that since love (or light) is the ultimate infinite element, it is more sustainable, and enduring than fear, anger, animosity, resentment, hate or anger. Love endures, outlasts and outlives fear or “low energy.”            

          As you forgive your enemies, you are not forgiving actions. You are forgiving people. To go a bit farther, you are forgiving distraught, wounded, misguided folks. In other words, anyone with unloving intentions is grounded in trauma, fear, and woundedness and lost his sense of connection with love – the deep essence and core of every being, the underlying reality.           

           It is not that love has disappeared or dissolved for that is not possible as it is the elemental structure of all life. It is the essential building ingredient as expressed in Genesis. It is that folks have bought into a world of limited, material form and thereby become distracted from the innate essence of love of which they are made. And, because of that disorientation, they have confined their experience of life to a small finite body and material circumstances (a 40 hour a week job and mortgage payments). Yet, the potential is to live (radiate) in vast possibility, unlimited beauty, and potentiality.           

          There is so much more and now may be the time to expand your vision. The sky goes on forever and the oceans are vast. The air we breathe is limitless and so are the varieties of people and possibilities of what we can do, be, experience and become.            

          Get started by beginning each day with a moment of wonderment. Look at the world with the eyes of a child – amazed at the beauty and vastness all around you. Try to keep that sense of openness in every situation.  If you get stuck in a conflict (mental or physical) remember that you are made of light substance – the highest vibrational element there is. As you remind yourself of this truth you will begin to let go and feel love and lightness flow in you.            

          Go to your heart for a direct connection. Ask yourself, what does my heart say about this situation? As you relax, you will have your answer. Each day that you do this, you will understand more and begin to identify with who you really are. You true essence is light! You are the light! 

         Jean Walters is a St. Louis based personal growth consultant specializing in personal empowerment. She is a best selling author, speaker, teacher, and Akashic Record reader. You can find her through her website:

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