Listen to Your Inner Urgings Be willing to Change Perspectives?

Listen to Your Inner Urgings Be willing to Change Perspectives?

We only learn our limits by going beyond them. Anonymous Have you ever asked if you know for sure that your dreams or desires are right for you? The answer is, by how they feel. If, as you contemplate your desire, you feel excited, and inspired, then you know that you are on the right track.

I’ve always thought it was interesting that one person would aspire to be an actress, and someone else could care less about acting, but has a passion for designing airplanes; or inventing things, or developing a retreat; or teaching children. Each person has his own dream. It is part of the great puzzle of the universe and the unique software package that is you.

Educationally, we have not been taught to embrace our uniqueness. More likely, we have been programmed to believe that there is one right (safe) way, and all others are wrong or “not practical.” Eventually, you discover that the most impractical thing you will ever do is to follow someone else’s path, rather than develop your own.

It is through accepting and embracing your special talents and abilities that you find your passion, your co-hearts, and yourself. Example: A young man decided to get into sales as a profession because he felt sales would offer him the kind of income he needed to support his family. His purpose was making money. He approached his job from that point of view. He went to work to make money. If he had a good day making money, he felt good and if he had a bad day and made no sales or money, he felt bad. He let the outcome in sales determine his level of happiness.

Then one day, after a particularly tough period when he seemingly lost a lot of potential sales, he decided to change his perspective. He recognized that he liked being in sales, that it fit his personality and drive and that he could enjoy his work and love his customers. That was the day he became passionate about his work. He began going to work because it fulfilled many of his needs and he could support his family as well. When he decided to love his work, he began making friends, making sales, and experiencing success.

This young man is like all of us. When we identify the thing that we feel passionate about and invest our energy pursuing the opportunities that go with it, we are on our way to a joyous, fulfilling life. Galileo referred to this idea of trusting your inner yearnings when we said, You can’t teach anybody anything, only make them realize the answers are already inside them.

Think about this. What are the things you love to do? You know -- the things you would do whether you got paid for them or not. What is it that you can’t wait to do? You know - you look forward to this activity all week and can’t sleep for the excitement of anticipation? Answer these questions, and you will know what to pursue to experience joy and fulfillment.

Jean Walters is a international best-selling author and transformational coach. You can find her books, The Power of KNOWING: 8 Step guide to open your intuitive channel and live in Highest Consciousness and The Journey from Anxiety to Peace: Practical Steps to handle fear, embrace struggle, and eliminate worry to become happy and free and others on her website.

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