Helping People Find the Light - Why?

Helping People Find the Light - Why?

From my earliest memory, I have wanted to help people. I was inspired as a child when I became aware of an inner light that ran through my body from the top of my head to my toes. It appeared as a powerful fluorescent bulb, brilliant, joyful and always present. Whether I was happy or upset, the light was consistently peaceful and radiated joy.

Awareness of this light began my quest to understand more and find answers to questions that seemed unanswerable. I also reasoned that there must be a way to live in this light (joy) and help others do the same. Through my many years of study, research, metaphysical training and practice (such as meditation, teaching, and providing over 35,000 Akashic Readings), I have discovered methods that help people connect to their own higher self (light), and when they do, it is transformational.

Helping people connect has been my work and I love sharing it with others. Here are a few examples of how I have been of assistance. A woman came to see me with continuous chest pains. She was very frightened and had a dark coloration, like a mask, across her eyes and it was clear she was in tremendous stress. As we talked, she relaxed, her face became lighter, the dark mask completely disappeared, and she seemed to get younger. She even started to laugh in amusement. When the hour was over, she confirmed that her chest pains were gone.

During our time, I helped her shift her point of view, and as a result she let go of fear and anxiety and her body spontaneously healed. She left with a sense of direction that was missing before she arrived. I assisted her in lifting her energy to see beyond her current dilemma, and as she did this, she was at peace and without pain.

Another example was a fellow who was in deep emotional distress when we started our session. I could tell that he had considered suicide. His story involved deception by someone he loved dearly. His reaction to the dishonesty put him in emotional and financial jeopardy, and, as a result he lost his home and had to file bankruptcy. My work involved helping him see how he intuitively already had the information he needed to understand and deal with his circumstance and how he had chosen to over-ride it with the intention of seeing good where none existed. Once he could examine his relationship and situation clearly, he was able to release guilt, shame, and upset and achieve a degree of peace.

Although this type of dilemma is not uncommon, choosing reality over fiction requires a big shift and willingness to let go of erroneous beliefs that keep you stuck. Sometimes the person’s pain has to be severe, as it was with “David,” before he is ready to make that shift. In David’s case, he was ready. As we talked, I observed energy coming back into his face and body, and his despair dissolving. When David departed my office, the tears were gone, his Light was bright and he had hope because he knew exactly what he had to do and the clarity and power to do it.

In my work, transformation is a daily occurrence. It happens naturally as I have learned to listen to my intuitive voice and use it as a guide to help others. In my book, The Power of KNOWING, I have outlined tools that I use as I work with clients. These are techniques I have accrued through my studies of the mind and the universe. These are the methods, and exercises I incorporate in my books. They work!

When you look beyond the physical world to the truth of who you are, you recognize a dynamic power to break through mental and emotional barriers, take control, and live a dynamic life. It is possible for everyone - when they do the work. Providing principles and techniques gleaned over 40 years of research and practice to provide this transformational and healing work is what I offer in The Power of KNOWING and in The Journey from Anxiety to Peace.

Everyone has the ability to transform. Just follow the guides in this book and you will become your authentic, true self. You can reach Jean Walters at or 314 991 8439 / 314 566 5231. Her books are available on

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