Global Changes - Are we growing?

Global Changes - Are we growing?

It is clear to me that with the global changes (spiritual changes) that are occurring, it is most important that each of us step up to give our true gifts and channel Spirit in a way that allows love to flow through us to the world. That can be anything from nurturing the body, to care of and instruct children, to bring beauty to the world, to anything that is done with love. Examine your life. How can you honor the activities you love to expand them to the world? This is your true gift.

Can you reframe what you offer so that you are giving and doing it with love? When you make this change, your world will expand along with your consciousness and the gifts that return to you will also be expanded. “Throw your gifts upon the water (consciousness) and they will return to you multiplied.” One of the gifts I offer is to help people move from fear to love. We are made in love and love is our true energy and consciousness. We feel good when we love; we feel bad when we are in fear. Often people choose their livelihood based on what seems to bring a steady income. They want to support themselves and their families and often this comes from a place of mental and spiritual scarcity. Yet, even if you pursue your passion on a part time basis, you are reframing your life to bring in more joy and what you give in joy multiplies.

This reminds me of the story of the senior computer analyst who made a nice salary but knew that she was slowly dying in her work. Her work, was not only not feeding her soul, it was diminishing it. She ended up quitting her analyst job so that she could start writing for that is what spoke to her soul. To bring in money as she quenched her artistic soul by writing, she delivered pizzas in the evening. But this was just the beginning because as time went on and she trusted herself more, she also painted, wrote music, grew plants, and taught dance. You might say that her creativity oozed and all that she created came from love. In the offing life gave her more and more – creative outlets, revenue, home, and relationships.

It meant that she walked away from a lucrative career to trust her spiritual gifts. She let go of those things that did not represent who she was and did not nourish her soul. This is the change we are making right now. What would you do right now if money and time were not an issue? What does your heart resonate to? How can you begin that activity right now? The issue is about trust and trusting the Universe is about love. Jesus commandment was “love one another.”

This means give your true gift – give what comes from your heart. Give it with love. It starts with you. Are you loving yourself? Then, are you loving your neighbor? It expands from there and ultimately radiates to the world. Have fun with this!!! Also, if you have friends that are letting fear run their life, please share my book with them. This is part of the changes we are creating in the world. It is time to reframe fear and realize that we are made in a greater image and likeness. It is time to present our best selves to the world (our community).

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