The Transformation of the Earth - When will this be over?

The Transformation of the Earth - When will this be over?

People have been asking me, “When is this pandemic situation going to be over.” I can’t say that I know that there will be a date when it will be completed because the truth is that we are in a massive transformation and it is an important one.

Today I heard a report on NPR about shifting the role of police to Guardians over the people rather than “warriors.” When I heard this, I knew that this was Spirit working through consciousness to bring us into a kinder, gentler world. It is unfortunate that someone has to die to bring this message to the public, and unfortunately, that appears to be the way change happens these days. I wonder if the soul of Mr. Floyd, who died tragically by police brutality, was in alignment with the role he is playing?! (That does not minimize his death, by the way.) Perhaps if we align with the idea of police guardians rather than police force, we can move this transition along.

We have lived with the idea of “force” as the answer to dilemmas for a long time. Moving to guardians of life feels better and is certainly more expansive and timely. I do believe society is like an unfolding flower. Think of a rose beginning to open. Little by little until it is in full bloom. We are a people who have survived by standing our ground and demanding freedom. It is in our Spirit to do this. Therefore, commerce and social endeavors will be required to open legally or there will be an active underground allowing people the opportunity to interact and connect and share love. As a nation, we are not ones to be held down.

Of course, there are those that argue for fear. Yet the truth is that LOVE is GREATER than fear - a higher energy that will always prevail. Jesus healed through love. It was his message and mission in the world to teach love. Others before him have done the same and there are those that teach love now. It is a choice - do we vibrate to fear (low energy) or LOVE (highest vibration)? We are observing the results of our choosing now. Yes, we are transforming and yes, we are moving into a higher state and yes, it is absolutely necessary that we do that. It is time to put violence, anger, shame, lack, and fear behind us and move day-by-day into higher consciousness – Light!!

I send this message with love. Jean Walters You can contact Jean Walters at You can find her best selling books on Have a joy-filled day!

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