Adjusting Your View: Making Peace a Priority

Adjusting Your View:  Making Peace a Priority

The mind is a tool. The question is do you use the tool or does the tool use you. -- Zen Proverb Most of us will miss out on life’s big prizes…the Pulitzer, Nobel, Oscars, Tonys, Emmys, winning the Lottery. But there are many, more incredible prizes for which we’re all eligible. For instance, have you ever looked at the night sky and felt complete wonder at its vastness; or merged so deeply with the rhythm and melody of music that your sense of self disappeared? Or have you felt magnetized by the light of love shining through a loved one’s eyes; or drifted slowly awake and lain quietly embracing delicious restfulness before opening your eyes; or sat by a river, listening to its steady flow, and entered into stillness. These are life’s small pleasures that transform an ordinary day to one of splendor, and a poor man into a person of extravagant means.

Each of these experiences exalts the soul and is readily available to anyone patiently embracing the moment. It is a matter of deliberateness—being willing to deliberately engage in life in a way, and, with the motive of transforming an ordinary experience to a memorable one.

Two Differing Views The opportunity to share one’s talents with the world seems like a wondrous experience and a chance to offer love in a grand way. But for singer, Carly Simon, who had incredible stage fright, it was terrifying. Before a performance, she would become nauseous and ill and even fainted at one of her concerts. She decided that she was not suited to be on stage because of her nerves. She routinely felt sick, her hands would sweat, and she couldn’t sit still. She concluded that having this problem indicated that she was not meant to perform and actually stopped touring because of it.

Whitney Houston, on the other hand, knew that when her nerves were jangled, her hands were sweaty, and she couldn’t sit still, she was ready to go on stage. She believed her nervousness made her mentally sharp and she felt pumped! Both singers were anxious when going before an audience and demonstrated similar physical reactions, yet each interpreted them differently. So it is with people. What exalts one person will disable another. In other words, are you willing to look fear in the face and deal with it or let it take you down?

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