What are your Archetypal Patterns? How can you grow with them?

What are your Archetypal Patterns?  How can you grow with them?

     The Universe is always sending us signs. Recognizing our Archetypal patterns if another way to check our progress in life. Archetypes are energy guides that show up in each person’s life as ingrained, innate tendencies. They are energy patterns that reveal the role(s you are to play. You will also find them emerging as symbols in your dreams. Each person has a team of archetypal guides he came into this lifetime to express. They represent the roles he is to play and the lessons he is to learn in his life adventure. These are natural behavioral patterns that emerge in his personality, like default systems. As you understand your own archetypal tendencies, you will notice them regularly showing up in situations and you will begin to recognize them in other people as well.

For many years I have had dreams of hanging out with the president of the United States (which ever one was currently serving). Does that mean that I am to be the president – no! What is means is that I have a archetypal pattern of expressing highest authority (that is what the president of the United States symbolizes to me). So, as I reflect on the day prior to having this type of dream, I notice that I have been in situations where I have been teaching or coaching and speaking from my highest spiritual authority. My dream is reflecting that.

One individual may play the hero and another the victim and these characters are repeated in different circumstances throughout life. The hope is that the individual will grow within these patterns to express them in their highest potential. For instance a person may demonstrate hero behavior to the thundering applause of others or go quietly about his business helping people in difficult circumstances. For the first fellow, applause and spotlights may be required (or naturally show up) and for the second, his sense of fulfillment and personal gratification from providing service to his fellow human is reward enough. That said, this is not about putting down enjoying applause or recognition.

The point is that each person will play his role according to his own personal needs. The goal, once we understand our archetypal guides, is to rise to it in the highest energy expression of that pattern. In my case, it would be to serve students and clients by speaking truth with highest authority. This is to bring to awareness the fact that these energy patterns are symbolic patterns that recur in our lives and help us to understand what we are to express, how we are to grow, and why certain situations tend to repeat. If you notice that you have the same “teacher” or “child” image displayed in your dreams, it will prompt you to understand that you are being shown a pattern you came in to fulfill.

Recognizing your patterns helps you know why you respond to situations as you do, why certain behaviors are natural to you, and soon you will acknowledge other’s archetypal patterns and you will understand them more easily. You will notice that some people are natural leaders or coaches, others are caregivers, scientists, creatives (making something out of nothing), magicians, or warriors. Still others are business aficionados, musicians, tech wizards, or sports stars from the word go. These patterns are divinely placed to guide each person to live his purpose. Even in malevolent patterns, there are seeds to greatness. The task is to acknowledge the pattern, overcome whatever weakness is indicated and work to bring its divine potential to light. For instance, where there is a victim archetype, explore its energy pattern. It might indicate that you can transform feeling sorry for yourself into the quality of compassion. In so doing, you cultivate this pattern into its highest energy form. The same can be true of all archetypal or symbolic patterns – you either express their divine potential or their weakness.

A queen or king archetype can demonstrate benevolent leader, ruler, or boss present to help his constituents or underlings, or exhibit an angry, impatient, off with your head mentality. The point is that we each have a team of symbolic patterns that express through our personality and when we are aware of these and determine to use them in their highest capacity, we are living our purpose. Therefore, don’t be shocked if a Rockstar shows up in your dreams and you find that you are often center stage in Rockstar position. If that is what happens use your Rockstar status well.

Don’t be surprised if a person with an “engineer” archetypal pattern regularly finds himself in situations that need his unique problem-solving abilities or engineer viewpoint. This can also be said of the mother archetype who ends up nurturing, nursing, or caregiving; or the trickster who does his thing tricking or manipulating others (or themselves) for good or evil; or an actor that find himself in situations where he is playing a role, costume and script in hand. This could play out as acting in a play, or as a salesperson, politician, or simply pretending to be something they are not. (This is not to indicate that all salespeople or politicians are acting. Yet all leaders have moments of taking the stage.) These roles present consciously or unconsciously.

The advantage to recognizing what comes naturally for you is to shape it into something that serves you. Another example is the warrior that can illustrate as a soldier or a societal transformer. Perhaps he presents as a reformer fighting an unfair system or making changes that benefit everyone. Or the warrior can spend his life fighting everyone and everything. It is all in how this energy is directed. Some of my personal archetypes are teacher, healer, and psychic. These are the dominant patterns that show up in just about everything I have done in life.

My work(and yours) is to bring them to their highest expression. It won’t be hard to recognize your energy patterns as they present themselves often. In a particular situation you will find yourself stepping up to take charge as in leadership or shrinking to be invisible as the wallflower or even victim. Again, they show themselves in your dreams. If you are always teaching in your dreams, you are a teacher etcetera. Here are a few archetypes you may recognize: child, prostitute (giving away your values and morals for an easier way), saboteur (destroying the old for the new), orphan, white knight, beggar, addict, servant, for starters. What symbols are presenting in your life? Thus, again we are guided by the universe with its symbolic language. It is a gift to understand its messages as we are continually guided.

Many people search for purpose – why am I here? What am I supposed to do? – And, yet by looking with symbolic eyes, answers are provided. That is the gift of archetype’s and that is the gift of dreams. The Bhagavad Gits suggests you live your purpose (dharma) to the best of your ability. By examining the symbols that show up in your life, you bring light to the big picture, the wholeness of who you are and you discover the directions that is always before you.

The purpose of offering this information on archetypes in this book is to bring to light the symbolic nature of patterns that show up naturally in your life. By bringing them into the light, we can make sense of why particular situations show up and why we respond in certain ways. It is true that everything in material life is a symbol and all symbols point the way to our highest use of energy and potential. (This is excerpted from my book to launch soon: The Mystery and Magic of Dreams: How to interpret day and night dreams and the symbols in your life.

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