Breaking the Code to Understand the "dream" of life

Breaking the Code to Understand the "dream" of life

Life is made of symbols. Buckminster Fuller stated, “The Universe is speaking to us all time. We must learn to listen.” Yet, most people don’t listen or pay attention. Fuller was aware that life is filled with symbols that exemplify where we are in our evolution. By examining your present state of affairs, you will note where you are in your growth.

Is your life displaying joy or fear, conflict or harmony? Are there messes that need to be cleaned up? Conflicts that need resolution? Do you give away your power by reacting to people and events? Your circumstances reveal your thinking, beliefs, and growth. Is your body demonstrating health or adversity? What needs balancing? The body is also a symbol. Are you depleted or energized? Your body condition can be traced back to the quality of thought gracing your mind. If you are ever in fear and worry, your nervous system will be depleted. Whereas, openness, optimism, and enthusiasm are restorative and energizing. Look at the world. What symbols are being reflected (presented)?

Nature is in harmony, even when re-balancing. Example: after a storm or tornado, nature quietly rebuilds, flows, and moves in rhythm. It is the same with the physical body. The intelligence of the body is ever working to restructure and re-balance even when treated badly. The resultant hangover following a night of pouring toxins in body; the cold that follows a period of being overwhelmed. These are the body’s attempt to adjust the systems chemically and structurally.

Pay attention and your body will speak to you of its needs. Once when I was feeling poorly, I had a nagging desire for pickles. This was odd, because I don’t eat pickles. Finally, the idea of pickles could no longer be ignored. So, I bought a jar of dill pickles and promptly ate one. Within minutes my body felt better. The heavy, groggy, clogged feeling and exhaustion dissipated. Later I mentioned the incident to my doctor he asked, “What about the pickle did you want.” Me: “The vinegar.” Him: “You wanted the vinegar because your liver needed to detox. As soon as you ate the pickle, your liver released toxins in much the same way as you squeeze a lemon to release lemon juice.”

How about that! The body’s intelligence was sending a message to de-tox. Your body does the same thing. It will tell what to eat and what to avoid. All you have to do it listen. In the same way, the earth follows its rhythm. Birds know when to make nests and lay eggs, and when to fly south. Flowers bloom and trees sprout leaves at the perfect time.

Just as the body sends you signals, dreams reveal the condition of your psyche, what’s working and what is not. What keeps you limited and what helps you grow. They provide course corrections, and objective guidance. If, in your dream, you are running in fear, ask yourself what fear am I running from in life? If you are wearing a disguise, ask yourself what disguise am I wearing in life and does it serve me? If you are drowning in a swimming pool, ask in what situation in life am I drowning? Dreams get to the bottom of things and help you see the truth.

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