Dis-ease - what it is, how to Trace its Origins & Heal!

Dis-ease - what it is, how to Trace its Origins & Heal!

Magnetic Energy and Zero Point by Glenda Green

We know that something brings on illness and disease. Have you wondered how it works? If so, here are some wonderful words from Glenda Green, Best selling Author of Love Without End, to help you identify and alter the inception of illness and disease and to modify your thoughts accordingly. Enjoy!

The thoughts and feelings of your inner world have great impact over your outer world… even the outer world of other people and living things. Stress, depression, and illness are very prevalent in our world today, although we have the most competent medical advancements in history.

Many researchers who study the relationship of human behavior to illness have traced over 90% of all disease to traumatic experiences preceding an illness by six to twelve months. Extensive studies have been made of acute illnesses as well as long term physical problems such as: arthritis, emphysema, ulcers, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. In an amazingly high percentage of patients, their sickness started six months to one year after a traumatic experience in their life.

This is not limited to physi- cal illness. It also includes psychological, financial, career, relationship and family problems. If you are currently suffering from any disease, then ask yourself the four following questions:

1. How long have I been afflicted with this problem?

2. What happened in my life six months to two years before the symptoms began?

3. How was my inner world different before the trauma?

4. What is my inner world like now?

Contemplate your answer to these questions sincerely and quietly. Some of the most crucial things in life you must do for yourself and only by yourself. No one else can talk, walk, eat, or think for you. Certainly, we can have assistance in these things, and we enjoy companionship. But only you can write, direct, and act on the script of your inner world. If your thoughts do have the power to create, then maybe you actually do create your own world!

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