When the Going gets Rough, Count Your Assets!

When the Going gets Rough, Count Your Assets!

When the going gets rough, the tough get going. That is the edict. Good words and wonderful advice but what does it mean? When your situation looks dark, how can you gain sufficient strength to get going? The first step is to take charge by evaluating your assets. In other words, what have you got to get going with?

Often people lose out on this important step because they only credit themselves with what we shall call salable assets and forget their intangible ones. I spoke to a woman this week who thought her years in real estate was her primary asset. I told her NO - her primary asset was what she could offer her client, which in her business is comfort that she is in good hands and she has the ability to make her client's transition easy and stress free.

For you it would be the same thing. How can you help your clients, customers, or boss feel secure in your service or knowledge. I personally know a lot of people with many degrees of higher education that do not have emotional intelligence or street smarts. So, putting your college degree, past job experience, talent and skills as your greatest salable comodies, while other valuable qualities and skills go unnoticed is not a good idea.

Here are some intangible treasures: sensitivity, perception, maturity, dependability, responsibility, consistency, tenacity, commitment, and common sense. Even though you overlook these assets, there is not a good sales manager, office manager, executive, administrator or employee who doesn't have them to some degree. When you go to hire someone, these intangible are more important than a list of degrees (consider Erin Brockovich).

The fact is that educational degrees and past job experience are easier to come by than maturity and common sense. One must practically apply himself to life to gain these commodities. They come from picking yourself up in difficult situations and continuing on despite letdowns and obstacles.

That is a tall order in a society that promotes doing it the easy way and giving trophies to everyone. The folks with intangibles are rare jewels and readily in demand. Take stock of your assets and accord yourself the proper respect. You are much more than your mechanical skills and diplomas.

See how you daily respond to challenges. Responsiveness requires creativity, dignity, faith, and patience. These qualities add value to your performance and, most importantly, help you get tough. The truth is that others cannot recognize your value until you do. Monitor your posture, voice, carriage and demeanor. It gets easier with practice. Your intangibles sets you a part from the masses and give you a distinct identity and uniqueness - like a rare and valuable jewel. Your intangibles along with your skillset makes you a total package. As you see your value, others will too.

Jean Walters is a Best Selling Author, Akashic Record Reader (over 35,000 given), Transformational coach, and speaker. You can reach her at 314 991 8439 or 314 566 5231 or jean@spiritualtransformation.com

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