We are Experiencing a Spiritual Metamorphosis

We are Experiencing a Spiritual Metamorphosis

     We’ve all heard the story of the caterpillar that spun his cocoon and through a process of metamorphosis (transformation) eventually exited the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. It is an amazing process and we love to see the awesome butterfly emerge from the cocoon.

     The thing we miss perhaps is that we are all going through a metamorphosis. No, we’re not caterpillars per se but we are spiritual beings who have gone through a cocooning process (some may still be in their cocoon) and during this time a transformation has taken place. We are in a new age.

     If you want to understand YOUR metamorphosis process, ask yourself how am I different now than before the pandemic (cocooning process)? What has changed within me in the last year and a half? How has my energy lifted/lightened? How have I adjusted priorities? These are the questions and answers will help you consciously be one with (or participate) in your own personal metamorphosis.

     Story: Miriam has become softer, more patient and kinder. Lillian has stopped pressuring herself to do more and reduced her schedule. She has also arranged more “me” time which she uses to meditate, read and journal (get in touch with herself). Someone else discovered that he wants more family time and made that a priority. Another person decided to perform more acts of kindness in his day.

     We are on a spiritual journey and each person changes according to his growth, need, and desire. You can see it more clearly when you step back and assess. How are you morphing from your caterpillar self (previous self) to a beautiful, colorful, heart-centered butterfly?

     When you step back you can see the whole world is changing. Each person (and country) is experiencing the process of transmutation in exactly the way and time reflecting their readiness and willingness. With an accepting attitude you watch your whole world adjust.

     Can you look with the eyes of wonder? If you do you will recognize a new light shining… a subtle willingness to be one family. Hearts are opening and people are choosing growth over money. (They are not mutually exclusive.) The end result is new life and a new world.

Jean Walters is a transformational coach and best selling author.  You can reach her at 314 991 8439 office / 314 566 5231cell

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