Walking through Fear and Why!

Walking through Fear and Why!

What are you afraid of… make a list. Ego tells you to be afraid of the unknown. The problem is that moving through the unknown is how we grow and everything we have not yet experienced is the unknown.

Years ago I was afraid to speak in front of people and I also knew (intuitively) that I MUST speak in front of people because it was important. Why it was important, I did not know. BUT I knew it was important. So, I signed up to do a series of lectures in a public forum and I really bombed.

The first time I stood in front of my audience my knees shook and my voice quivered, and I couldn’t remember my lecture outline or notes. Yikes! And that experience made me more determined than ever to conquer my fear because I decided long ago that I was never going to let fear stop me from doing what Spirit (intuition) guided me to do. So, I dug in and did another lecture and another, and interestingly enough, I started getting better and so did my lectures.

As it turned out, each time I stood in front of people I studied my process and soon discovered that when I took my attention off me and my concerns (what if the audience doesn't understand what I am saying; what if they don't like me; what if I can't do this) and put my attention on the audience and serving them, I relaxed and flowed.

The key to being any good at speaking was to make “giving” my focus. What did I want to give my audience? Giving was and has been my intention and focus. It has made speaking a joyful experience. Hence, I discovered the key to all success. Make giving your gifts your focus. It is also the key to having fun with your work.

You can immediately tell when someone is acting like a robot – “Have a nice day” without eye contact and in a droll voice, or when they mean it – eye contact, joy in their voice. One is following protocol and the other is in their work. Feeling it!

Thus, the question, what are you afraid of? Your greatest gifts will flow through you as you move through fear and let love guide you. If your life/relationship/job/career/friendship falls apart, ask yourself, what is the gift? What is life (Spirit) guiding me toward? How can I take this moment a gift and be open to change?

Footnote: Now I lecture all over the place and I am clear in my intention and what my gift is, and my heart sings. That is what I want for you….. for your heart to sing!

Jean Walters is a best selling author and consultant and coach. She helps people determine their direction, strategies, work through issues, and live a joyful life. You can reach her at jean@spiritualtransformation.com website: http://www.spiritualtransformation.com

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