The Power of Magnetism - How to use it well!

The Power of Magnetism - How to use it well!

Magnetism is a form of hypnosis. You can easily be magnetized into believing outrageous things like, You are not good enough. Ha! The information in this chapter will set you free to learn how to use magnetism for your highest good and how to replace beliefs handed to you through magnetism from those who are uninformed. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and, as such, part of our power is in magnetism. We use this power every day. But do we use it to our betterment?

Once we understand how magnetism works, we can increase our magnetic attraction and our wishes cannot be denied. Magnetism is a tool to raise your energy and merge with your Highest Self. Understanding the principle of magnetism will increase self-trust and your ability to Know truth.

Did you know that you are a magnet? Magnetism is one of the prime moving forces in the universe. Magnetism binds the galaxies together and provides the power to transport the tiniest subatomic particles in your body. Napoleon Hill describes how magnetism works. Our brains become magnetized with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our minds, and by means with which no man is familiar, these “magnets” attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts. Here is a further description:

Around every magnet is an invisible energy field of attraction. For example, when a nail contacts a magnet, it is drawn, attracted, pulled to the magnet. The nail has no choice. It cannot ignore the magnetic field. An interesting thing occurs when a nail connects with a permanent magnet. The nail becomes a temporary magnet itself.

As a magnet, it acquires the ability to also attract, and as long as the nail remains near the permanent magnet, it retains its magnetic power. If the nail is moved, it returns to its original state and loses its attracting abilities. There are scientific reasons for this. The atoms of the nail possess latent magnetic qualities, but they are disorganized. The atoms point in various directions and cancel out each other’s electromagnetic charge. (Like people who don’t know what they want or where they are going. Nothing happens for them.) Contrarily, the atoms of a magnet are aligned. Their north and south poles face in the same direction. Therefore, when a magnet attracts a nail, the atoms of the nail line up to match the magnet. (The nail now has direction.) The nail emulates or copies the magnet. In so doing, it becomes a magnet, too. As long as it is aligned with the original magnet, it possesses magnetic qualities.

Taking this further, your physical body is a field of electromagnetic activity. Magnetic energy exists within the trillions of atoms that make up your body. You are a living, breathing, moving being of magnetic power. That is why you attract the things you focus on, whether or not you like them, want them, or despise them. You attract the things you hold dominant in your mind. The more aligned you are with your desires, good or bad, the more powerfully you will attract those things into your life. Now, you are getting the idea that when you are congruent with a desire, it has no alternative but to be drawn to you. To be congruent means that you not only hold a thought in your mind, you feel it, breathe it, identify with it, and, in no way, contradict it. The thought itself is irrelevant. It is the congruency and alignment that matter.

People who are aligned are like magnets to other people. When you are around a person who is congruent or aligned, that person’s magnetic power affects you. Also, the more congruent you are, the more charismatic you become. Your magnetic field expands and you become irresistible to others. When Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his I-have-a-dream speech, he brought the whole crowd of listeners into his dream. Indeed, it became their dream. Because of his charisma and magnetism, he made his dream real for everyone.

John F. Kennedy was magnetic when he proclaimed, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” He started a movement with that statement. South African Bishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela have been great charismatic leaders and attracted millions of followers. It was through their efforts that Apartheid ended and all citizens received a vote.

These men were unequivocal in holding to their beliefs. Neither waivered and as a result they created strong magnetism. Of course, there are negative examples. Adolph Hitler spoke to the German people about a “pure race.” They were humbled from losing world war one and used to having dominant leaders. As a result, he was able to use his personal magnetism and powerful message to lead them to great destruction.

From these examples, you can see why some people are leaders (magnets) and others are followers. Followers have not activated their magnetic power. They have not aligned with one desire or purpose. They have not realized who they are. They are like the nail without the powerful force of the magnet: atoms in disarray. If you really want to achieve something, align with it. Speak it, walk it, talk it, feel it, think about it, and take action.

Your desire cannot say “No”to you. Through the principle of magnetism, the opportunity to have what you want will be drawn to you. When you hold this truth, the necessary idea or action will occur to you and you will realize your desire.


Pick individuals you admire and study their thought processes, behaviors, speech patterns, actions, ideals, etc. Begin to mimic their qualities.

Start with their attitudes. Perhaps you can use their manner of speaking or their ideals. The idea is to allow their energy to magnetize the same qualities in you. If you admire certain individuals, you already have the same qualities in you that you admire in them. Use this exercise to bring out the qualities in you that you appreciate in others.

Elvis Presley loved the way the patrons sang at a southern gospel church. He attended their services and sang with them. It was by mimicking the qualities he admired that he became the “King of Rock and Roll.”

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