Keep Your Energy High - You are always provided for

Keep Your Energy High - You are always provided for

I was gazing out the window today and I saw a beautiful tree. It was in full bloom, each branch heavy with blossoms, and they seemed to announce their presence in such regal ways. I am taken with the beauty before me and I realize this tree is a metaphor for the "tree" from which we eminate. 

As a branch of this universal tree, we are constantly supplied with nourishment. The only time the nourishment stops is when we break away from the tree. Of course the tree is Spirit, God, Energy, Supply and when we stay connected and allow the flow from Source to pour through us, we beam with creativity, and opportunities seem to appear without effort.

When a great master said, I can do nothing of myself. All my works flow from the Great Source within and I am but a channel for It. He was referring to that tree that supplies us. The trunk feeds the branches and the root nourishment flows into the trunk and all is an outward extension of this Inner Supply. All this nourishment makes it possible for the flowers and fruit to burst forth. In our case, this supply bursts forth in creative ideas, love,energy, kindness, and wisdom.

When you push aside your earthly identity you see clearly that all that you have has come forth from this great flow - every idea, all creativity, each movement, and effort. The flow is ever present, an unending supply. Perhaps in this time of stillness and reorganization, it is good to reflect. You have always been supplied, you will always be supplied. It is good.

In truth, we are the tree; we are the branches; and the flowers and fruit too. We are not some small body and effort. Our flow is unending. Our root system (Source) feeds us continually without fail.

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