The Healing Temple within YOU

The Healing Temple within YOU

The Healing Temple I have been studying the Lives and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T Spalding and I am interested to know if you, as my newsletter group, would be interested in knowing more about "healing" as the Masters do it? If so, keep reading. If not, ignore. This is excerpted from book #6. It refers to the healing temple that exist in the East as a material structure and the healing structure we have within called the Christ mind.

Here is the excerpt: It was explained to us that the temple represents the Christ in the individual, and that it its open at all times to everyone for the purpose of healing. It represents the ideal. It was explained further that though the Masters could heal the pilgrims and thus saved them the journey to the temple, it is their custom to encourage the people to go to the temple with them and learn for themselves that within them is the power that is within the Masters – that they are the same.

Furthermore, the perfectly harmonious vibrations given out by the temple as the result of its continued use allow nothing of an inharmonious nature to become a part of it. This is exactly what takes place in man when he sends forth only harmonious words. We were told that the definite thought condition has been presented so long and definitely in that temple that the whole structure has taken it on, and that unless the thought you attempt to give out is equal to the vibrations of the temple, it cannot be brought forth into worlds (manifestation).

If your body is responding to a high influence, a lower vibration may impinge, but it is immediately thrown back. (Does this give you any ideas as to what to release from your thoughts, beliefs, and actions?) You could build that vibration right into your body where you are today, if you would. The work of the Masters in connection with the temple and all other healing work is done in such a way as to form the ideal in the minds of those healed, teaching them that they, themselves, must do the work instead of looking to any personality to do it for them.

We must take the attitude that we know these things exist, and then work with them. If we accept the conditions, we bring them forth and do live one with them. We must accomplish from within, because everything is within ourselves. Bringing it forth requires that we accept that it is there, that it is completed and for us. (Suggestion: that you meditate on this blog or subject and allow the idea of perfect health -mind, body, soul - to become truth for you.)

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