The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving

     The Art of Giving Sometimes people approach the holidays with resentment. Feeling the season has been commercialized, they focus on the buying and doing aspect of the holidays and lose the possibility of joy.

     Yet the principle of giving is inherent in the season and there is nothing more joyous than giving. Thus the potential for learning the art of giving is an immediate undertaking for everyone. It would seem that re-framing the way we interpret the quality of giving could alter our view of the holidays and life in general.

     Happiness lies in the spirit of givingness. Often this feeling of the givingness is felt more around the holidays than any other time, and that can be a wonderful thing. Yet, we don’t have to limit our experience for we could make every day a kind of Christmas.

     The confusion lies in the idea that we must give “things”. For often with the giving of things, there are strings attached, and that takes away the joy. However when we give freely, without conditions, reservations, recriminations, or attachments, we become the greatest recipients of our gifts because that kind of giving is accompanied by the feeling of great joy.

     We can develop the SPIRIT of givingness and experience it daily and it could be simple The greatest gifts anyone can give are time, energy, and wisdom. This is similar to the axiom that to teach a man to fish is better than to give him a fish. If you give a man a fish, he will need another in a few hours, for one fish cannot satisfy hunger for long. Yet, if you teach the man how to fish, he can satisfy his need for fish as often as he chooses.

     Giving in this way is an excellent way to grow because it moves you out of your small (ego) self and helps you see a bigger picture - the needs of others. It is the way we learn the true meaning of love. Giving your knowledge, experience and wisdom unconditionally leads to joy.

     This is not meant to down-play giving material gifts. What is important is that whatever you give comes from the heart. (Give it with heartfelt appreciation.) Then practice giving without concern for a return. Soon you will discover that your givingness fills you and that everything you need or want, you have. Ultimately, your world will reflect that as well.

     Activity: Give something every day. It can be a compliment, a smile, a small kindness, helpfulness, a great attitude and even money. That which is given from an abundant attitude comes back multiplied. Just watch!!

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