Taking a Peek into the Subconscious Mind

Taking a Peek into the Subconscious Mind

The field of psychology has developed many theories and techniques regarding dreams. Some are even used in psychotherapy. Sigmund Freud was a famous proponent of dreams, as was Carl Jung. Jung, in particular, saw dreams as a significant tool for self-analysis.

A more current theory of dream analysis is offered by Gestalt therapy. Gestalt suggests that dreams provide a means for self-integration. His theory poses that all persons, objects, and features in the dream are parts of the dreamer's personality. Thus, if you are dreaming of going fishing, you are literally fishing for something in your life, whether it's an answer, information, or a person.

Metaphysicians, those who study the universe as a cosmology with organized laws and progressions, interpret dreams in much the same way. Their theory is that dreams are a running commentary from the self about the self. Dreams, when viewed objectively as a statement, or even a critique of the previous day's activities and the dreamer's reactions to same, hold a myriad of information for personal growth. They assert that when dreams are properly understood, they offer an undeniable resource of unlimited information that can be used for personal and spiritual evolution. This information is available to anyone disciplined enough to learn the language and tap into their messages. Going deeper, let’s return to the first dream mentioned above. Let’s look deeper and see how this theory applies.

Here's how you can go about decoding your dreams on your own: You are in school and you have lost your schedule and don’t know where you are or where you are supposed to be. What is the class I am supposed to be taking right now? Where is it, and how do I get there? I am lost and distressed.

If you consider that everything in the dream is a symbol of something in your life, a school would represent a place of learning. The feeling in the dream is being lost and stressed. With just this much information, you could look at your life and ask these questions: What am I trying to learn right now, and am I on schedule to learn it? How am I feeling lost or confused? You will discover that you don’t know what you are supposed to be learning and you are feeling out of touch with the whole process. Why? Because that is what the dream is relaying.

With this dream, you could surmise a need to step back and figure out what lessons you are dealing with right now. You could also recognize that you're feeling out of touch with the process and where you are in it or what to do next. This clarification could lead to some serious soul searching and decision making; that is where the value of dreams come in.

In my book, The Magic and Mystery of Dreams: The Ultimate Handbook for interpreting Day and Night Dreams and the symbols in Your Life, (see link above) you are supplied a simplified methodology and fundamental list of dream symbols that can be easily learned and developed for use in dream interpretation. With practice, you will learn how to comprehend the patterns of your life and make the necessary changes to move forward. That's the beauty of dreams. They give us a peek into the inner workings of our minds and offer us tools for progress.

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