Don't be deluded... It's What's Inside that Counts!!

Don't be deluded... It's What's Inside that Counts!!

It’s what’s inside that Counts! There are times in life when it is possible to get so bent-out-of-shape over how things look rather than how things are that you miss the point and create useless suffering either for yourself or others. Here is a story that can help you remember that it is what’s inside that counts.

There was a little girl named Dana whose favorite treat was peaches. Dana went grocery shopping with her dad and she admonished him, “Daddy, we can’t forget the peaches.” At the store there was only one dented can of peaches with a partially torn label left on the shelf. Dana grabbed the can without hesitation and placed it in her cart. In the next aisle, dad and daughter happened on a boy shopping with his mother.

The boy was Dana’s age and appeared severely deformed and wore thick glasses. He beamed when he saw Dana and greeted her enthusiastically, “Hello, Dana!!” Dana moved past the boy curtly without so much as tossing him a glance. “Hi” she responded coolly. Dana’s dad was astonished when he saw this.

At the next aisle he asked, “Dana, who was that boy?” Dana answered, “Just a boy from my class that I don’t like.” Her father pursued the subject. “Why don’t you like him?”

“Dad, you saw him. There is something wrong with him.” At that Dana’s father grabbed the damaged can of peaches. “Dana, look at this damaged can of peaches. There is something wrong with it. Don’t you think we should put it back?” He reached over to set the can back on the grocery shelf.

“Dad, no”, Dana protested. “The can is bent but the peaches inside are still good.” “You’re right, Dana. It doesn’t matter how bad the can looks or that it is damaged on the outside because it’s what’s inside that counts. Dana, remember this. The same thing is true for people.”

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