Mom, I Got Them All!! (How we can learn from kids.)

Mom, I Got Them All!!  (How we can learn from kids.)

Jimmy was intently making valentines for his class valentine party. He was cutting and pasting and counting as he went along because he wanted to make sure that he had enough. He did not want to leave anyone out of the Valentine exchange.

Conversely, his mom, Mary, watched and felt a little anxious. She knew that Jimmy was a bit slower than the other kids and he was often overlooked. She didn't want him to be disappointed and left out of the Valentine exchange. Nevertheless, she watched Jimmy excitedly get on the school bus with his valentines in anticipation of the class party.

That afternoon, when the bus arrived home, Mary was waiting. She saw Jimmy jump off the bus with a big smile and yell, "Mom, I got them all. I didn't forget anyone." Even though Mary did not see any valentines in Jimmy's hands, he was thrilled because he had made enough valentines for every child in his class. He didn't leave anyone out.

Jimmy was happy because his focus wasn't on receiving, it was on giving. Sometimes kids are our best teachers!

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