Conscious Oneness Eliminates FEAR!

Conscious Oneness Eliminates FEAR!

“As long as we are consciously one with the Father, living in a receptivity to the spiritual impulse, we have nothing to fear Regardless of what human situation or condition may arise as a temporary experience, we will have no fear because we are living in Omnipresence, knowing that since we have no will of our own, we have no doubt that Infinity can perform Its plan through us.”

Joel Goldsmith

This is what we want…. To know that Infinity/Divinity/Spirit is performing Its plan through us. It is then that we relax and open to this Great Energy and let it guide and direct our movements.

If you want to learn more about opening to YOUR divine plan, read the book, The Power of KNOWING: Eight Step Guide to Opening Your Intuitive Channel and Living in Highest Consciousness by Jean Walters.

Here is the link to order it: Jean's website: 314 991 8439

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