Finding Your Passion & taking Steps to Create It!

Finding Your Passion & taking Steps to Create It!

The truth is, you can do or be anything you want as long as you are willing to do the work. And what is the work? It is separating truth from fiction. In other words, dropping many of the should ideas you were taught and moving into your heart to discover your true and natural abilities, along with what you love doing.

Most people have been programmed with the idea that you should have a good job with a 401K, benefits, insurance, and longevity. This is a survival mentality. The focus is on how you are benefiting, rather than on what you are giving and expressing. Surviving is not about following your heart’s desire and living a life of joy and passion.

It may be possible that you have been taught to go for work that is currently in demand right now. Get into a good industry. What is in demand? Teachers, engineers, computer technicians, nurses. It varies according to the time we are in. Yet, time passes and things change. The next demand replaces the previous ones. Perhaps you were instructed to follow in the family’s footsteps. Everyone in your family is in business… accountant, doctor, entrepreneur, or blue-collar worker. This may work for you or maybe not. These are the ideas that get in the way of connecting with the power of your spirit and acknowledging what you love. You can easily become misled and lost. Here is a story to illustrate my point. In one of his books, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale tells a story of a young man who followed his successful father into the insurance business and, subsequently, failed three times. While the young man conversed with Peale about his predicament, Peale noticed that he gently, lovingly stroked the wood grain of a nearby table. He commented on the young man’s interest in the table, to which the man replied that he had always valued wood. He loved the texture, the feel of it. He enjoyed crafting beautiful wooden pieces. Dr. Peale suggested that he explore this passion to see what it might offer as a livelihood. The young man left his session uplifted. He had never been acknowledged for his passion before. Eventually he became quite successful in the design and manufacture of furniture. His pieces were remarkable and treasured as works of art.

In giving up a business that did not suit his talents, this young man transformed from an inadequate insurance man to a creative, successful craftsman. This fellow serves as an example for all of us. The truth is that everyone has genius and talent for something. Each person is unique in the same way that every snowflake is different and distinctive. By discovering your specific genius, you uncover your gift to the world and your path to fulfillment.

Rudolph Nureyev, the Great Russian ballet dancer, was passionate about his art. He said, “Work is sacred.” The reason work was sacred to Nureyev was because he loved it. We are reaching for the sacred as we seek the endeavor that will consume much of our lives. Loving what you do is key to living a life of joy and passion. That is what will guide you to fulfilling your dream. Zen calls it the infinite way of doing finite things. The way we look at work sets the tone for how we deal with challenges and the way we pursue our dreams. It is relevant to moving forward passionately and reevaluating our position in life and our natural abilities. It is about becoming alive. As the saying goes, When you feel the bliss, there is no difficulty that is insurmountable. If you miss the bliss, there is no compensation adequate. This is an excerpt from: Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and You Can too! by Jean Walters (order this book using the link below or go to -

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