Why? God is...

Why?  God is...

Here are some great quotes (facts) from a book with the title: No Thinking; No Problem (or something like that.)

A man was sitting with his friend in a cafeteria drinking tea. He studied his cup and said with a sigh. “Ah, my friend, life is like a cup of tea.” The other considered that for a moment, then said “But why? Why is life like a cup of tea?” The first man replied, “How should I know? Am I a philosopher?”

So, here it how it goes... The right hemisphere of the brain only makes statements about facts. It cannot give you reasons. If you ask, “Why?” it can only remain silent, there comes no response from it. If you are walking and you see a lotus flow and you say, “Beautiful!” and somebody say, “Why?” – what will you do? You will say, “How am I to know? Am I a philosopher?”

It is a simple statement and no reason behind it and no result beyond it. The Upanishads are simple statements of facts. They say, “God is – don’t ask why.” How are we to know? God is.” The gospels and statements of Jesus – simple. “MY God is in heaven. I am his son; he is my father.” He can’t prove it in a court. He will simply say, “I know.” It is by his authority. He had no other authority. Can it be more simple than that?

Jean Walters is a transformational coach, Akashic record reader, international and US best selling author, teacher, and speaker. You can reach her at jean@spiritualtransformation.com

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