Why am I Here? (Some soul searching)

Why am I Here?   (Some soul searching)

“What is my purpose?” I regularly hear that question. People are often conflicted about why they are having this earthy experience; what is it all about and what am I supposed to be doing? The whole idea that I am here to do something is illusory. Sometimes the experience is not so much about doing as being. Oh, but that is another subject.

Bringing it back around, your purpose is expression. Just as each person is part of the vast Universal orchestra, each sharing the sounds of his/her unique music, your greatest fulfillment lies in expression. Don’t get confused… expression is offered in a myriad of ways. Nurturing, helping, supporting, healing, speaking, writing, singing, music, telling jokes, designing buildings, bridges & other things, creating beauty, fixing things, inspiring others, standing for a cause, leading others and on and on.

Question: What touches your heart? When have you felt most alive? What were you doing or contributing to, or expressing at the time? You don’t have to stand above the crowd to express your purpose or fulfill your mission. Often it is in the back room fixing motors, programming a computer, or balancing a ledger. The most important thing is does it make your heart sing? Would you do it even if you weren’t paid?

Passion and purpose can start as a side hobby or job and when done with love, it expands as a gift to the world. Don’t measure or judge it. Find a way to give it and your energy lifts. You begin to soar!!  Listen to your heart. It knows the answer.

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Jean Walters is a best selling author of 6 books on Amazon.com and she has taught many classes on the subject of finding your purpose. You can reach her a 314 566 5231 or jean@spiritualtransformation.com

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