Lesson in Freedom: Be No Thing

Lesson in Freedom: Be No Thing

“God is Love. I have learned so much from God that I can no longer call myself a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Jew. The Truth has shared so much of itself with me that I can no longer call myself a man, a woman, an angel, or even a pure Soul. Love has befriended me so completely it has turned to ash and freed me of every concept and image my mind has ever know.” Hafiz

Every time we paste a label on ourselves or someone else, we are reduced. By identifying with a particular ethic group, political party, religious denomination, age group, gym membership, educational affiliation, or country you have constricted who you are.

Each label or group reflects an particular energy. If you are Islamic from Idaho you evoke a certain image, belief, and behavior. Perhaps it is different than being a Hindu from Sydney, Australia. Every delineation places a limitation on the person to whom it is attached.

Can you feel the difference between being educated at Harvard or the Community College or between being a Peruvian Shaman or a Methodist? Each determination draws forth certain symbols, beliefs, and categories. What if you decide to be nothing? That might include dropping the idea of being a human or a body and identifying instead as stillness or consciousness. You can see that stillness opens up vast territory.

You don’t have to be the 40 or so years of occupying a certain location in the world, or an ethic group that requires adherence to particular patterns of activity. Crossing your chest before prayer or praying at particular hour lying on a rug or working out at a gym five times a week, or sending money to support a specific cause. There is nothing wrong with these activities when done with awareness and choice. When they are practiced by rote and as a way to earn a position as part of a community rather than an activity of personal expansion, then they are without meaning. They are energy being directed without meaning.

Try this: close your eyes and breath with studied concentration and after ten or so observed inhalation and exhalations, begin to bring your awareness to who or what is breathing. No need to label, just observe. If you do this for a while, you will begin to feel more detached from the idea of identifying the ‘I” with a label and just notice that it is an awareness that is doing the breathing.

To take another step with this exercise, notice that between every inhalation and exhalation there is a space, and between every exhalation and inhalation is a space. Observe the space and when you are ready focus your attention into the space and be present there. As you do this, you will notice stillness. Be in this quiet and observe.

While in the stillness you will notice that gender, ethnicity, size, and shape, and all other delineations have no meaning and you will begin to recognize whatever you define as yourself as bigger than all the identifiers.

By cultivating the awareness of no human identifiers, you realize yourself as consciousness without a name or origin (family, country, party). You are having an experience of no thingness. (no tangible thing). Being nothing is vast, full and free. Practice it. When asked, don’t define yourself as an ethnic group, political party, numerical age, race or religion or past experience.

Most people jump at the chance to give themselves these identifiers without realizing how they have shrunk themselves. In fact, your unwillingness to label yourself has nothing to do with anyone else, because along with being no thing you are not judging anyone else for his desire to fall into specific categories.

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