Bahama Success Story - How to develop Successful Adults

Bahama Success Story - How to develop Successful Adults

Christine Kloser tells the story of visiting a grocery store in the Bahamas while on retreat and having a most unusual experience. Upon approaching the store, she noticed several young local boys dressed in starched and pressed pants, crisp white shirts, and red ties helping customers carry their bags to their cars.

When it was her turn to check out, her 14 year old bagger, Ruben, engaged in friendly conversation... "Are you visiting the island? Where are are you from? Are you enjoying your stay so far?" He was quite the conversationalist.

Ruben demonstrated professionalism, focus on service and warmth - incredible qualities from such a young person. Her request to Ruben was that he pack the bags light and evenly weighed. When they walked to the edge of the parking lot, he asked, "Are they light enough for you, ma'am?"

Christine was blown away with the level of service. Later, the housekeeper at the retreat explained that children begin working at 13 and their schooling requires them to get hands-on work experience BEFORE entering high school. She also explained that since this was a tourist island, it was important that the children learn to converse with visitors and make them feel welcome.

Thus they were being trained for success at an early age and their training paid off. Learning how to honor customers and interact successfully will serve these boys far into their future. What if we all did our work with that level of focus, training, and respect? It would be a beautiful world!!

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