Mass Mesmerism - How has it effected YOU?

Think back as far as you can in history and you will see phenomena where large numbers of people were hypnotized in believing they were less valuable or less capable or handicapped in one way or another. It was mass mesmerism and with all hypnotism you must have a willing subject, one that accepts the idea that others are greater (more important), or better, or more worthy, than you are. Yet if we are all made of the same spiritual substance (Light) - the Unified Field - that is impossible.

Still through all time there have been those who ignored mass mesmerism and expressed beyond the accepted model - people who lived the divine principle and served as models for the rest of us. They presented their genius in art, music, engineering, construction, flight, education, and science. They did not buy into the concept of limitation. Thomas Edison, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Mohandas Gandhi, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Siddhartha the Buddha, and Jesus dared to think beyond the cultural limitations of their time.

The question is in what way have you limited yourself?

In what way have you looked to the outer world for verification?

What are you keeping from yourself right now?

How are you letting fear rather than love run your life and calling practical?

How do you lift the hypnosis of limitation in your world?

Break the hypnotic trance: You do it (whatever it is) anyway. You do it the best way you can and you keep doing it until you break through all the boundaries you have accepted and created. You laugh when someone says you can’t do it, be it, accomplish it because you know that when and if that is your path, you will go forward because the Spirit of God is within you and It supplies the way and the how and there are no barriers big enough or strong enough to oppose this Spirit/Energy.

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